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The Lord Of The Ring You MIssed About The One Ring

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One of the best movie series of the past two decades, only The Lord of the Rings fans know how special the series was. The massive fan-following of the Middle Earth storyline is still going strong today. Thanks to the wonderful works of J R R Tolkien and then brought to life magician Peter Jackson, we never thought this would become this huge. Speaking of sizes, one thing the movie cleverly took the opportunity of was the distance and height manipulation for camera shots. The camera trick involves placing human-sized objects at different distances to change their heights in the movies/shows. Apparently the same was applied to the One Ring.

Lord Of The Rings Used Several One Rings

Since the Lord of the Rings series was released back in the early 2000s, CGIs were hardly a thing back then. People applied different techniques to bring in special effects and graphics, one of which was this height changing camera trick. When Elijah Wood was needed to appear shorter than Ian McKellen, the two were made to stand at a distance. In reality, the two have only a few inches of height difference. Sauron’s One Ring was also put in the same illusion.

In The Lord of the Rings, although the ring seems to be of the same size in every shot, it is actually more than 40 different versions of the same sizes that were created for the trilogy. Turns out, the finger-sized jewelry is not the only size that the filmmakers used for the shooting. The scaled-up rings were used for several purposes like close up shots to show details, while also keeping the actors within the same frame.

The news comes from Jens Hansen, a New Zealander who is the original forger of the One Ring. He produced 15 different prototypes before reaching the version that we still see today in the movies. According to his website, the largest ring he created was eight inches diameter!

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