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Has SNL Lost Its Essence?

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Previously, Saturday Night Live has enjoyed great fame on television for a long time. There must have been something about the show that compelled the producers to get almost 44 seasons. But it seems like for the past few seasons, SNL has essentially lost its spirit. It has struggled to find the show’s identity which got lost in fragile humor, a heavy focus on political satire, and the worst sketches in history. In fact, the regular audience for Saturday Night Live has been compelled to be very forgiving. But even them, it becomes hard to not label it as one of the emptiest shows on television for quite some time now. Despite the fact that some great talent exists on SNL, it is undoubtedly one of the most over-praised shows to exist.

The real mystery remains that what has happened to SNL over the years. Previously, it originated as NBC’s Saturday Night Live- a late-night television variety show. Comedy sketches and parody was performed by varying cast members. Every episode had a guest celebrity who delivered a monologue and performed sketches with the cast. But this was paired along with performances by a musical guest. But along the years, as new writers explored the show, the dynamics gradually started changing. And if you observe the show now, it’s genuinely different from the SNL that got fame in the first place. But being on television for 44 years means something. And a lot many cast members and writers from SNL have found national stardom due to it.

It’s evident that SNL is really not handling the show well. With some of the greatest writers and celebrities on board, what must have gone wrong? That’s a question with many possible answers since all the show has recently done is disappoint viewers.

Why Did ‘SNL’ Deteriorate?

The Obvious Political Jokes

There is no doubt that SNL has lost its worth. And its real essence as well. In fact, it has not just suffered low rating, but also got labelled as one of emptiest shows in 2017. And maybe, that’s because the audience finds it a little hard to take it in. Needless to say, the show has resorted to political satire that it limited to obvious mockery and jokes. Occasionally, they would change their stereotypical portrayals to an extent. Or come up with a politically incisive sketch. However, there is no denying that SNL’s satire is only about an inch deep. Previously, all their humor has been directly channeled to President Trump and his activities. Even when we do not disagree with their brave comments, the hundredth time, they seem less funny. Also, shows like SNL have been continually underestimating Trump and his supporters which probably gives them more power.

Lack Of Unique Sketches

Saying that SNL does not deliver good sketches at all would be untrue. Well, obviously, there have been enjoyable ones. But recently, there have been very few which actually have anything to do with the show’s stance on politics. And maybe, it has gotten so involved on commenting on the political structure that the unique skits which defined SNL at one point are no longer seen. Moreover, we do not expect the show to take on everything that happens in the world. But at least try going for some which almost never happens now. What makes the situation worse for SNL is that other late night shows are offering so much more. And with Seth Meyers Late-Night Show, Saturday Night Live has some real competition to live up to. Maybe, SNL needs to explore other opportunities rather than relying on Trump as their safest punch bag.

Failing Humor

Some jokes that SNL gives out make us question their moral standing. Honestly put, the show’s humor falls out flat. And not only because the jokes are clumsily written but maybe the problem resides within the show as well. There has to be something wrong in there because a comedian like Tiffany Haddish failed to secure laughs during her SNL appearance. And knowing her remarkable comedic bits, it’s impossible to believe this.

If SNL wishes to continue its television career, the producers and writers need to seriously consider their recent progress.

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