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YouTube holding back funds Gabbie Hanna raised for charity?

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Gabbie Hanna has either got it out for YouTube or YouTube has got it out for her? It seems like the answer would be the later of the two scenarios. Gabbie Hanna only recently accused YouTube of shadowbanning her. According to her, when her YouTube music video for Special from Bad Karma released, YouTube was messing with the likes and views. Most drama channels have put it to Gabbie thinking herself a superior being. They say she just cannot accept the fact that one of her videos is not doing so well. Anyway, it seems that Gabbie may have been right though as fans reach out to her with concerns to their likes and views not showing.

However, it gets worse. Gabbie Hanna made another video the next day. In the video, Gabbie Hanna says that YouTube was holding back funds she raised for charity.

The video was later deleted. However, a YouTube page re-uploads it.


YouTube was holding back charity funds that Gabbie Hanna raised.

So, in November, YouTuber and Musician, Gabbie raised funds for the HashtagLunchbag Charity. The charity feeds the homeless by giving out boxes and adding cute hopeful notes in them. The charity feeds people across many of the US states. However, Gabbie Hanna was working directly with their Los Angles people when she raised money through YouTube.

She says she raised about 8000 dollars and was very excited about the many many lunches it would buy. She says she had already sent her AdSense to them for the video. Everything was in place. However, to this day, YouTube has not released the $8000 she raised that day. Gabbie Hanna says she feels really bad about the way YouTube has been.

So, 7 months ago I raised $8000. And they’re so desperate for the funds and I feel so f*cking bad and embarrased.

Gabbie Hanna tears up in this stream too talking about how she felt when she talked to the representative dealing with her. This was when they were discussing the conditions of the hungry in the country. We hope YouTube solves her issue soon. Because this is just wrong. Meanwhile, you may go to #HashtagLunchbag to donate to their cause.

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