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Ansel Elgort Denies Sexual Assault Allegations | Claims Consensuality

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The Fault In Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort has hit back at his sexual assault allegations. He claims that the events did not occur as the accuser described them. Moreover, he admits to knowing Gabby but claims that it was actually a consensual relationship if not anything else. The woman, Gabby, claims that she was only 17 when she started messaging Elgort. She posted a lengthy post on social media to talk about the hurtful event that happened when she was a teenager. One of the phrases that sparked outrage against the actor was that she alleges that he said to her “we need to break you in”, upon her first time.

Ansel Elgort Tells Sexual Assault Event Is Not True

Ansel Elgort regrets seeing the sexual assault allegations circulating the internet and claims that he cannot understand Gabby’s feelings. However, he also said that her description was not true. In an answer to his allegations, the actor uploaded the following post on social media:

“I have never and would never assault anyone. What is true is that in New York in 2014, when i was Gabby and I had a brief, legal and entirely consensual relationship. unfortunately, I did not handle the breakup well. I stopped responding to her, which is an immature and cruel thing to do to someone. I know this belated apology does not absoleve me of my unacceptable beahviour when I disappeared.

As I look back at my attitude, I am disgusted and deeply ashamed of the way I acted. I am truly sorry. I know I must continue to reflect, learn, and work to grow in empathy.”

The woman, also alleges that Ansel Elgort’s sexual assault also went to the point when he asked her for nude photos and to have aa threesome with her and one of her friends, who was also underage. She tells that she is now ready to talk about it is suffering from PSTD and panic attacks.

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