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Tenet Director Christopher Nolan Teases Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Role

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Director Christopher Nolan’s latest movie might be getting delayed because of the coronavirus, but the hype is still there. This time the director has come out to talk about a cast member Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his role in his movie Tenet. He answered some fans’ concerns about why the actor was not in the trailers. He said that Talor-Johnson was completely unrecognizable but he is a very important part of the movie plot. Nolan sat for an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he talked in detail.

Christoper Nolan About Tenet

“Aaron Taylor-Johnson is indeed in the film. He;s an importan part of the film. Yes, thereare no photographs of him, this is true. He is briefly glimpsed in the trailer. He’s also completely unrecognizable. There are all kinds of things that happen in terms of where the store goes as the film develops and where it winds up in the later stages that we don’t want to spoil for people.” – Nolan

Tenet has been shot in seven different locations worldwide. According to the digital magazine, but the time they conducted the interview with Nolan, the film had already visited India, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, and the United Kingdom. Apparently, the cast stayed in Estonia for seven weeks for the shooting. This is longer than the movie’s entire shooting schedule!

For now, the exact plot of the movie is still unknown. The Nolan fans are hard at work figuring out what it could be, some believe that it could be a sequel to his 2010 masterpiece Inception. John David Washington, who plays as the protagonist, related the movie as more of an in-law, than a follow-up.

“They’re related by marriage. They get together for Thanksgivings, family barbecues, that kind of thing. Other than that, one lives in Europe and the other one lives in Compton.”

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