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Two Marvel Shows On Hulu Still Going Forward

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Marvel might have conquered the cinematic universe, but it’s TV shows are in a confused state right now. The final season of Agents of SHIELD is wrapping up, the Netflix shows are dead, and the Hulu shows were dead before they even started. However, a new update from Marvel shows us that some new shows are underway at Hulu.

An update on Marvel Shows on Hulu

According to recent news from Variety, Marvel is still working on two shows for Hulu called MODOK and Hit Monkey animated series. And not just that, they’re still moving forward. This is encouraging news, especially after Marvel canceled Howard the Duck and Tigra and Dazzler.

Moreover, Kevin Smith, the showrunner of Howard the Duck, told ComicBook.com that both the shows, MODOK and Hit Monkey, are well into production for Hulu, thanks to Marvel. He said:

One was deep into production already, of course, the MODOK one because they were like a CG version. So they were already in production. Then Hit Monkey was next. I think they had gotten to the animatic stage so we they were further along. We were still just in script stage. So in a world where they wanted to cut something, we were the easiest one to cut.

Kevin Smith further explained that these two Marvel Shows for Hulu were actually a remnant of Marvel Television and later came under the MCUL

To be fair, we were a remnant of Marvel Television, which had been now changed and altered and folded into the MCU with Kevin Feige kind of overseeing it. So we were never part of Kevin Feige’s plans. So when TV got folded into the MCU we went away.

No bad feelings

It’s really sad to see these Marvel shows end before we ever saw them on Hulu. But, Kevin Smith also said that there was no bad blood with Feide or Marvel:

There was nothing hostile about it or anything, but they were like, look, in a world where we got to save money, these shows we’ve already spent enough money so they’re in production so let’s keep going. This show, we haven’t spent anything but scripts so let’s shut it down.

We still haven’t heard when MODOK and Hit Monkey will be released. But, this is a good sign for Marvel Shows and Hulu for the foreseeable future.

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