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The Best Netflix Original Series That You Must Stream

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Netflix shows are exactly the kind of entertainment we would binge watch. But, the problem is when I refer to ‘shows’ I cite the vast, deep library of content available on the streaming service regardless of the parent source. Netflix is a buffer house to the steam of several archives, and even to several hot shows from different original networks e.g. Riverdale. However, its array of original content can also not be undermined. Netflix went on to the score more Emmys than any other networks this season, so genuinely its exclusive media is of high caliber. Let’s take a look at a few maiden shows from House Netflix.

The Crown

The Crown- a pictorial representation of the word magnificent- is the best thing on Netflix right now. It is one of the very few British period pieces on American television right now; the last one we had on our screens was Downtown Abbey. The show explores the life of the still reigning sovereign queen of Britain Queen Elizabeth II, across the different periods of her life. It marks its start from the era 1947, her marriage to Prince Philip of Edinburgh. The historical accuracy, grandeur of the picturesque, tour de force performance of the cast, ingenious production, and politically accurate scripting climate, have been widely acclaimed. In the recent Emmys, the show received 13 Emmy nods, out of which it won 5.

The show will follow through the life of the evergreen queen with surprisingly different troupes of characters. This is to compliment the natural aging process. Claire Foy gracefully crafted the titular role in the first 2 seasons, and now she will pass on the mantle to Olivia Colman in season 3. The show has been ordered for six seasons with a total of 60 episodes.


The rebooted 80’s show following the lives of the ‘Glorious Ladies of Wrestling’, GLOW is currently the one of the best comedies on Netflix. With an Emmy nomination in the same category, the show proves itself as hysterically sensational ride that registers a lucid coup de maitre. It has a strong female ensemble cast, including Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin. The vintage feel is tangible and oddly satisfying.

Stranger Things

Menacing evil monsters, shifting timelines, gore and carnage, intense sci-fi oriented events, and obnoxious smuggling crimes, synthetic super-powered humans are everything that follow the disappearance of a young boy named Will in the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana. This double time Emmy nominee is the kind of show that will simply have you glued to the screen. An estimated 8.2 million watched it within the first 16 days it was out in 2016. According to TechCrunch, over 15 million people had watched “Stranger Things 2” by the third day of it being available, and 361,000 had finished the entire series the day it came out. The show has made popular stars out of rookie child actors like Millie Bobby Brown, Even Kellog etc. The plot is mind- boggling, intricate and simply enthralling.


Daredevil suffers what we may call the ‘inferior genre syndrome’. It’s a Marvel superhero saga, one of the first of its kind to hit Netflix. The show gets its immense appreciation via its title Charlie Cox’s character the blind vigilante spends his days protecting New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen as a lawyer, and his nights doing the same in a much more tangible (and violent) manner. Things are more fun than conventional Marvel shows; in addition to, being darker and amiable.


The masterful Jason Bateman plays a financial planner-turned money launderer who relocates his family to the remote Ozark cordilleras in Missouri to avoid attention from the law. The crime-thriller that revolves around this classic anti-hero brings a lot of wit to the table.  A cool pick to fill in the void left by Breaking Bad, though not as grand; the show does continue to evolve further and further.

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