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Padma Lakshmi Tells That A Judge Tried To Slide In Her DMs

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Judge Padma Lakshmi might have been through 16 seasons of Top Chef, but she might not have experienced this kind of move from a guest colleague. She revealed that one of the show’s guest judges tried to get personal with her after the show. The 49-year-old judge has hosted the 2nd season back in 2006 and appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with chef Tom Colicchio. With host Andy Cohen on, he asked her if one of the chefs ever slid into her DMs. To everyone’s surprise, one did and she said it was a guest judge!

Padma Lakshmi Shot Down The Chance

The host continued to inquire about this gossipy incident. He asked Padma Lakshmi if anything went ahead of that DM. However, the star quickly answered in negative. Not only was she not interested, but to her, the judge did not seem interesting either!

“No, cause he’s not interesting, and I wasn’t interested.” – Padma Lakshmi

Surprisingly, she also said that there were a lot of things she found irritating in Tom during a Judge’s Table. Apparently it is always an anxious moment for her because Tom arrives only moments before the show begins. Here is how she explained it in her words:

“Usually Tom comes to set or whatever liek 14 seconds until we’re ready to go. It’s alwyas a nail-biting experience until he gets there. I think he’s getting better now because he’s seen himself on TV a bunch but I don’t think Tom realizes hose much of what he’s thinking is actually visible on his face.”

As for Colicchio, he recently commented that he believed that over 40 to 50% of the restaurants would close due to the impacts of the coronavirus. However, he was asked to comment about it, he corrected himself and told that the percentage is even higher than that. He urged the government to take action otherwise 85% of the restaurants would shut down.

You can watch Padma Lakshmi on the show below:

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