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Why The Season Premiere Of SNL Really Sucked

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The very popular Saturday Night Live is back again with its 44th season. But with the season premiere this time, it seems like SNL is really losing the touch. For some part of it, you might think that the show looked pretty good. And although that might be true to an extent, that’s only for the outside. The season premiere just introduced some exciting new additions to SNL for this year. But it also exactly reflected on what has made the show extremely frustrating lately. And in times like these, when the show is already being targeted with hate and sarcasm, the season premiere featured one of the worst mistakes that SNL could make. By that, we mean the appearance of Kanye West which just brought SNL down even more.

What Went Wrong?

Probably that’s not a question one should pose to someone who watched the SNL season premiere. To begin with, we could target the cold open. The highlight of the season premiere definitely was Matt Demon making a special appearance as Brett Kavanaugh. He perfectly imitated his blustery shouting and declaration that he did not know when to stop. But the show failed to maintain the energy of the cold open.

This was followed by Adam Driver’s monologue. Adam Driver was hosting SNL for the second time, but even then failed to get a grip on it. His monologue was somewhat unfocused. Although Adam Driver attempted to tease new Star Wars spoilers, there was no skit related to Star Wars in the season premiere. And before he could go further, he was interrupted by SNL members narrating how they spent their summers. To make it even more dull, all of these stories involved just work and travel. Except for of course the summer of Pete Davidson. Adam Driver even winked saying that his summer was the only one he was interested to hear.

Moreover, the SNL season premiere delivered the worst sketch in SNL history. Driver tried to play a divorced dad trying to get the hold of popular online game Fortnite as an attempt to relate more to his son. Even when watching the incompetence play out with live actors was fun to an extent, the joke that adults are bad at technology was pretty much a failure. And honestly, there is no comedic bit attached to this one.

If possible, what ruined the show even more was the Weekend Update. Michael Che and Colin Jost who hosted the least-watched Emmys in history targeted all their jokes at the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearing. And seriously, it was not amusing. But what might have saved this segment was the welcome appearance from Kate McKinnon’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and her signature Gins-burns and dance moves.

To make the situation worse, we had Kanye West appearing in the show in a bizarre costume, doing his three performances along with his political rant. In fact, Kanye West successfully earned some boos from the crowd.

With all this, anybody would agree that SNL has gone down way too much. And it’s really time that the producers get a revival for the show.

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