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When James Gandolfini Threatened To Beat The F*** Out Of Harvey Weinstein

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James Gandolfini is someone that everyone among The Sopranos cast loved. Even 7 years after his death, they can’t stop talking about him. His kind nature, gentle soul, and hippie personality were too lovable. But, he did have a bit of a violent side. Thankfully though, it was reserved for just Harvey Weinstein.

On the sets of “Killing Them Softly

With the Talking Sopranos podcast, Sopranos star Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa give us a lot of valuable insight as to how The Sopranos was made. But, this time the two showed up on Joe Rogan’s podcast. There, the two were remembering James Gandolfini and their memories of the great guy. However, Schirripa then talked about an incident that happened after The Sopranos.

This happened while Gandolfini was shooting his film ‘Killing Them Softly’, with co-star Brad Pitt. The problem was that the film was a ‘Weinstein Company’ film. And we all know a certain problematic person who owns that company and was the “King” of Hollywood back in 2012. Yes, we’re talking about Harvey Weinstein. Schirripa said:

I was in Jim’s trailer and he just did the movie with Brad Pitt, a mob movie. And he said ‘Harvey Weinstein called me, he wants me to do Letterman. I said I don’t do talk shows’.

Gandolfini wanted to beat the f*** out of Weinstein

When James Gandolfini Threatened To Beat The F*** Out Of Harvey Weinstein
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Now, if we know one thing about Harvey Weinstein was a bully and always wanted things his way. And the Late Show with David Letterman was something Weinstein coveted. But, this was James Gandolfini on the other side. The guy was adamant about not giving an interview, and he threatened to beat the f*** out of him. And remember, this was back when Weinstein was still the undisputed king of Hollywood. Schirripa further said:

He says he got f***ing nasty with Jim. And Jim said, ‘I will beat the f*** out of Harvey Weinstein. He f***ing calls me again I will beat the f*** out of him for the money he paid me, I’m not f***ing doing it. Swear to god. And this is all before the Harvey Weinstein sh** when he was still the king sh**. This is 2012, you know.

Sadly, James Gandolfini passed away just one year after that incident. And it took another 8 years for Harvey Weinstein to be put behind bars for what raping, assaulting, and harassing more than 80 women. Weinstein was sentenced to 25 years of prison in February of 2020. Unfortunately, it was too late for too many victims.

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