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SNL Surely Regrets Bringing on Kanye West

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The always controversial rapper Kanye West made an appearance at the 44th Saturday Night Live season premiere. And once again, he made sure that it was a decision that SNL will regret. Everything from his costume to his political rants and pro-Trump remarks promoted boos in the studio. Kanye West was there as a replacement for Ariana Grande who backed out last minute. Apparently, the singer had some emotional reasons for pulling out of the show. But with the stunts that West delivered at SNL, everybody must admit that the show could have found itself a much better replacement.

What Did Kanye West Do At ‘SNL’?

Kanye West appeared dressed as a bottle of Perrier water. His fellow performer was dressed as a Fiji water. And the reason behind their costumes on the premiere of SNL is still unknown. But speculation says that these costumes were the left over from Justin Timberlake’s Bring it on down to Liquorville sketch. However, Kanye West did more to amuse the audience than just his costume.

On SNL, Kanye West performed thrice. Well, SNL granted him three generous opportunities to get himself mocked. In the opening spot, he performed with Lil Pump. And it was a bizarre performance with both dressed as water bottles to the song I Love It. It was a mediocre performance that received merciless criticism on social media. For the second performance, West and Teyana Taylor came together for an unreleased song that got leaked over the summer. Finally, during the show’s sendoff, the cast cleared the stage for West Kid Cudi and 070 Shake for “Ghost Town.” Kanye West appeared wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. While Kanye delivered his lines fine, the whole affair was a bit uneven.

After the broadcast ended, Kanye West delivered a politically themed speech to the audience. In a much confrontational tone, the rapper discussed his support for President Trump. He said that a lot many times, white people ask him why he likes President Trump knowing that he is obviously racist. But West responds saying that if he cared about racism, he would have moved out of America a long time ago.

West decided to not stick to one topic during his speech. Rather, he kept switching between them, making his address an ever bigger hazard. Overall, Kanye West on SNL was an absolute disaster. Apart from some boos that he received from the audience, the cast members seemed embarrassed. Two performers even shook their heads while at one point the entire studio fell silent.

It seems like bringing him on is a decision that SNL will regret for a few years.

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