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Mark Ruffalo Did 500 Pushups to Prepare For This Role!

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While there’s no denying that Mark Ruffalo has always give impeccable performances, his latest is the talk of the town. In order to prepare for his double role in I Know This Much Is True, he did 500 pushups a day.

Throughout his career, the Avengers star has played interesting characters.

Although he started his career, with television, it is films that have held Mark Ruffalo’s attention. After working as a bartender for a decade, he started playing minor roles in films like The Dentist, Safe Men, and A Fish in the Bathtub. However, his breakthrough film was You Can Count On Me, where he played Laura Linney’s troubled brother. Since then, Mark Ruffalo has graced us with his incredible performances in films like The Kids Are All Right, Shutter Island, Now You Can See Me, Zodiac, Foxcatcher, and Spotlight. When he starred in Avengers as Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk, he became an enigma all over the world.


In order to prepare for his role in the new TV show, Mark Ruffalo followed a strict fitness regime.

Based on Wally Lamb’s novel, I Know This Much Is True follows the troubled life of Birdsey twins which are played by Mark Ruffalo. While it is never easy to play a double role, Ruffalo had to do 500 pushups daily as well as follow a strict diet. Writer and director, Derek Cianfrance talked about how Mark Ruffalo lost 20 pounds for Dominick’s role and gained 30 to play Thomas. He said:

“My very first meeting with Mark, I told him that if we were going do something like this, I couldn’t imagine us shooting in the morning, breaking for lunch and having him putting on a wig or a fake goatee and playing the second half.”

Therefore, they shot all the scenes with Dominick first and then all the scenes of Thomas. Furthermore, he said:

“I asked Mark, I said, ‘Hey, could you do 50 pushups?’ Mark is the kind of actor where he’ll do anything. So he dropped to the ground, he did about 35 pushups, he came up, and he did this phone call scene and… he was a little out of breath, you know? He was smoking these cigarettes and struggling for his breath a little bit, and his chest was puffed out, and I noticed the vein in his neck was engorged. We finished the scene and I was like, ‘Hey, let’s do another take. Can you do another 50 pushups?’ … All the time between takes, it was always our way to get Mark into the zone as Dominick.”

The rest of the cast includes Juliette Lewis, Kathryn Hahn and Melissa Leo.

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