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How Harrison Ford Was Almost Killed By A Star Trek Actor

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We know that a lot of people have wanted to kill Harrison Ford. Of course, not in real life, but in the movies as Han Solo and Indiana Jones. But, did you know that he was once almost killed in real life by an actor from Star Trek? Yes, it is true!

When Garett Wang almost ran over Harrison Ford

How Harrison Ford Was Almost Killed By A Star Trek Actor
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The Star Trek actor we’re talking about is Garett Wang, who played Harry Kim in the series. He hosts a podcast with Star Trek: Voyager actor Robert Duncan Michael called the Delta Flyers. In the inaugural episode, Wang was recalling the time he was cast as Harry Kim, and drove to Paramount Studios. However, when he got there, he almost managed to kill the man who gave life to Indiana Jones and Han Solo – Harrison Ford. Wang said that:

I’m cruising around, I’m actually speeding around the parking lot, and I come around this one bend, and this guy in a suit walks between two cars right in front of my car. So I slam on my breaks, and you know when you almost have an accident, your heart is beating a thousand miles a minute?

Now, that was a pretty close call, but the really horrible part was yet to come. That part when he raised his eyes and saw that the guy he almost ran over was none other than Harrison Ford!

And I lock eyes with this dude in the suit, and it’s Harrison Ford! I look at him, and I go ‘Oh my God, I almost killed Han Solo, Indiana Jones!’

Wang was horrified that nerds would hate him for an eternity:

I would have been hated by nerds everywhere! I would have been this pariah.

Just imagine how tragic it would have been! Air Force 1 and future Indiana Jones Films would never have happened. Moreover, Wang’s first day at work on Star Trek would have been tainted forever. But, thankfully, that did not happen and Harrison Ford is alive and well with us today.

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