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The Race Gaps In COVID-19 Deaths Are Alarming!

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Racism is a hot topic everywhere in the United States right now. But, it looks like the COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the racial divide in the country. According to all the recent data, the race gaps in COVID-19 related deaths is huge. It shows that the death rates among Black and Hispanic people are far higher than white people.

COVID-19 is more lethal for Black and Hispanic people

With the CDC releasing more and more data about Coronavirus related deaths, the racial divide is becoming even more obvious. According to the data, white, Black, and Hispanic/Latino people account for 93% of all COVID-19 related deaths. But, there’s a lot of race gap within this data.

The data says that death rates are higher among Black people is more than white people that are more than a decade older. This is true for every age category, whereas the death rate for Hispanic/Latino people is somewhere in between. Here’s a graph made by Brookings, who compiled the data provided by the CDC. It shows how serious the race gap is in COVID-19 related deaths:

The Race Gaps In COVID-19 Deaths Are Alarming!
Screenshot | Brookings.edu

This race gap is seen in all age groups, but it is especially obvious in the younger age groups. It can be seen more clearly if we compare the ratio of death rates among Black and Hispanic/Latino people to white people. For instance, in the age group of 45-54, Black, and Hispanic/Latino death rates are 6 times higher than they are for whites. Now, white people make up 62% of the population of the US. But, in the 45-54 age group, 1,103 white people have died (22%). Whereas, compared to that, 1,448 black people and 1,698 Hispanic/Latino people died. The race gap is real and startling:

The Race Gaps In COVID-19 Deaths Are Alarming!
Screenshot | Brookings.edu

But, that raises the question: why is there such a huge race gap in Coronavirus deaths?

What’s the reason for this race gap?

There isn’t one reason why there is such a huge race gap in the COVID-19 mortality rate. Firstly, it might have to do with occupation, as they could be involved in jobs that have less social distancing. Poverty is higher among Black people and Hispanic/Latino people that can explain a higher infection rate. But, that’s not all. Geography can play a part in this too, as those regions of the US are hit harder by COVID-19 that have a high population of Black and Hispanic/Latino people.

However, the main reason for these race gaps might be less access to health care. This reflects a much bigger racial divide in America, as because of poverty, Black and Hispanic/Latino people are unable to afford proper healthcare. As a result, they have more prevailing pre-conditions, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, etc. Again, this race gap and the lack of healthcare screams of the huge racial divide in the United States. That is why the Black Lives Matter Movement has such a momentum, as it is a result of centuries of racism and oppression in the US. And it’s sad to see that even a pandemic is affecting the marginalized race as well.

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