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Sir David Attenborough Is Bringing A New Nature Show From Home

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Perhaps one of the best voices on television, Sir David Attenborough does not give up even at the face of the pandemic. The 94-year-old, famous BBC documentary commentator is a renowned voice on nature television shows. Even at this age, the Attenborough is working from home and is expected to drop a new BBC nature series around the autumn season. The BBC natural history commissioning editor Jack Bootle tells the fans that there will no delays to the show because the wildlife expert is working on the voice from him home in Richmond-upon-Thames.

Sir David Attenborough’s Voice Coming Back To Television

 Here is what Bootle had said further about this new nature series:

“I am confident that it will hit the screens. There are small amounts of filming that remains to be done with Sir David, and of course, he also needs to record the voiceover. And there are some challenges involved with doing that during a time of lockdown. Assuming no disasters happen, that series will air as planned in the autumn, which we’re all very excited about.”

Sir David Attenborough announced his association with the project back in February when the coronavirus was not even a pandemic yet. Then, he introduced his new show by talking about how humans are creating an impact on the globe:

“They make Earth truly unique – a perfect planet. Our planet is one in a billion, a world teeming with life. But now, a new dominant force is changing the face of Earth: humans.”

(Were you reading it in his voice too?)

During the lockdown, he has been trying to play his part in society as well. Sir David Attenborough has been teaching children geography lessons during school closures. He said that he is passionate about teaching the country geography to children and hopes that children will learn something new.

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