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Alyssa Milano Says Don’t Believe In Pre-Election Polls

And 2016's Presidential Elections are the perfect example why.

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There’s no secret that Alyssa Milano will go to any length to prevent Donald Trump from winning the 2020 Presidential Elections. In her recent tweet, she is asking the people to make a promise to never look at pre-election polls. Here’s what she said.

Alyssa Milano urges people to not believe in polls

At this point, there’s no secret that Milano will do anything possible to get Donald Trump thrown out of office. Moreover, things look good for Joe Biden as he leads Trump by a fair margin in many battleground states, according to recent polls. However, the Insatiable and Charmed actress is not ready to be content by just looking at pre-election polls. So, Alyssa Milano went on Twitter and asked her followers to make a promise to never believe in polls and make this election ‘too big to rig’:

Make me a promise? Don’t look at the polls. Don’t believe the polls. We’ve got to make this election #TooBigToRig and the only way to do that is to think we are coming from behind.

As a result, Alyssa Milano started the Twitter trend #TooBigToRig. Now, in some states, Joe Biden has a lead as big as 16 points over Donald Trump. But, Milano is paranoid with good reason. This is because of what happened in the 2016 Presidential Elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The polls failed in 2016 Presidential Elections

Milano, like millions of other Americans, still hasn’t recovered from the shocking 2016 Presidential Elections. People were very certain that Hillary had the White House in the bag. But, it turned out to be one of the biggest upsets in Presidential Election history. The Times reported just two weeks before the election that Clinton had a 14 point lead over Trump in national pre-election polls. I mean, even the Reuters put Clinton with a 90% chance of victory! Yet, we all know how it unfolded.

Similarly, Joe Biden also has a very strong lead over Trump. But, with history as a witness, we know that it means nothing. And that is why Alyssa Milano is begging everyone to not believe in pre-election polls and make this election ‘too big to rig’.

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