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Rose McGowan Mourns Egyptian LGBTQ Activist Sarah Hegazi’s Suicide

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On Sunday, June the 14th 2020, the world came to know of Sarah Hegazi’s suicide. She was an Egyptian LGBTQ+ activist, who was openly a lesbian herself. To avoid persecution and further detention, Hegazi fled to Canada, where the government granted her political asylum. But, she ended up taking her own life. As a result, Rose Mcgowan, the famous actor-turned-celebrity, took to Twitter to celebrate Hegazi’s life and struggles.

Rose McGowan celebrates the life of Sarah Hegazi

McGowan always raises her voice for the oppressed. She did it for the victims of Harvey Weinstein in the #MeToo movement, and for the Black Lives Matter Movement. This time, she raised her voice in love and support of the deceased Sarah Hegazi. McGowan tweeted:

#RaiseTheFlagForSarah fly free, angel. Your spirit, joy & desire for freedom will live on forever


There’s no secret that suicide is a very serious matter. Therefore, Rose McGowan did the right thing by celebrating Sarah Hegazi’s life and her struggle on Twitter. However, the picture McGowan shared also happens to be the very reason why Hegazi was in trouble for in Egypt.

Sarah Hegazi – An Egyptian LGBTQ icon who lived a difficult life

The picture that Rose McGowan shared on her social media is the very reason Sarah Hegazi’s life was in danger. Egypt is not open to homosexuality at all. At a concert in 2017, Sarah Hegazi waved the rainbow flag of the LGBTQ community, which was caught on camera. And that became her undoing. The picture made rounds on social media and sparked public outrage in Egypt.


A few days later, Sarah Hegazi was detained and tortured with electric shocks. Later on, she was put in jail where she was molested by other female prisoners. Three months later, after a lot of pressure from the west, she was finally bailed out of jail. But, her Depression and misery continued. Canada then granted political asylum to Hegazi and she fled Egypt once and for all. However, her mother died in Egypt because of cancer as she was in Canada with her siblings. She never got past that which, coupled with the crippling PTSD from the torture she faced in prison, may have led to her suicide. Her suicide note said:

To my siblings: I tried to survive and I failed, forgive me, To my friends: It was difficult and I was too weak to withstand, forgive me
To the world: You were very cruel, but I forgive

Sarah Hegazi’s life and death is an example of the persecution that the LGBTQ community faces around the world. It’s important that celebrities like Rose McGowan raise their voice for their rights. That way, maybe someday we might live in a world where we don’t judge or kill people for whom they chose to love. And that they’re allowed to live with freedom.

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