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Is Epic Game’s Fortnite Bringing On A FPS Mode Soon?

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Epic Games’ Fornite did a marvelous job at creating a gaming community solely on battle royale gameplay style. It managed to hold its audience for two years and continues even today to entertain this huge number and the players. Thanks to the devs coming up with exciting storylines, gameplay modes, revisions, and updates, Fortnite looks to continue its evolution. During these updates and scenario changes, sometimes glitches or data leaks gets away to start new theories. For example, this certain glitch suggests that Fortnite might be trying for an FPS mode in the coming days!

Fortnite Testing FPS Modes During Doomsday Event?

Since the battle royale genre is becoming saturated, perhaps the trend might now shift back to objective-based first-person shooting. The likes of CS: GO and CoD might just start again. We already know that Riot Games’ Valorant is an appreciable alternative that combines the mechanics of Counter-Strike and Apex Legends. For Fortnite, it must do more to continue the entertainment and the attraction, it seems. FPS seems to be the option that Fortnite might be exploring as per the gameplay below:

As is clearly shown, the view is of a person falling in an FPS mode by accident on Fortnite. Now, while the combat looks just like any other CS game or even Apex, there are a few questions that the Fortnite community had in mind. First, how will this mode impact the building mechanics of the game? Fortnite is popular for how gamers have to spend time collecting different materials to construct buildings for shelter and protection. The game clip shows that the gamer is having trouble with his pickaxe in the FPS view and even editing and placing his building.

Will Fortnite continue to work on their FPS mode, or is this glitch only half of what actually is planned for the community. Even better, does this glitch even mean something for the game, or is it simply a coding error?

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