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Superwoman Being a Bawse Speaking For UNICEF At United Nations

Not all superheroes wear capes...

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Popular YouTuber Lilly Singh who goes by the name Superwoman represented UNICEF at the United Nations General Assembly. The Youth 2030: The UN Strategy on Youth was attended by a lot of high-level officials. And the main motive behind it was to discuss initiatives to engage and empower young people. The global partnership attempts to ensure that by 2030, all the youth is either learning, training or working on jobs. Lilly Singh aka Superwoman attended it on behalf of the UNICEF. To her, it was an absolute honor being there along with representatives from almost all countries of the world.

The UNICEF representative, Lilly Singh might have been the perfect choice to speak at this important UN campaign. Her statements are really applicable to her own personal life. And since her story is so relatable, she connects on a different level with the audience. The Superwoman has also effectively used her platform and her fame to spread positivity. And in fact, she has initiated several movements and campaigns that thrive on supporting women.

Lilly Singh Discusses Youth Empowerment

Lilly Singh from UNICEF spoke about how she is ready to live in a world where every young person has an access to education. She wants every young person to feel empowered and live up to their potential. Superwoman backed her speech with statistics claiming that the youth made 25% of the world population. But she joked that these billions of people all end up watching her YouTube videos. Singh said that her point was that this generation is the most connected of all that has ever been. They have access to border less tools, as well as technologies that help in sharing voices, experiences and knowledge further. She said that it was exactly how she found her platform.

The Superwoman went further to discuss the importance of keeping up with dynamic technology. Just so that all the young people have access. Lilly Singh also took her own life example to point out how a lot many people do not get similar opportunities. She claimed that she was lucky to get good education, have a supportive family and not face any financial obstacles. Though, the fortunate news is that one educated person has the ability to enlighten and improve others’ lives.

While representing UNICEF, the Superwoman shed some light on her previous visits to India and South Africa. Lilly Singh shared that the young teens she met there were inclined to become doctors and nurses. And their decision was influenced by the realization that their country was lacking in resources. So, the UNICEF rep made the argument that when young minds are educated and skilled, the become the beacon of hope that the world really needs.

With that, Lilly Singh or our popular Superwoman concluded her speech at the UN assembly.

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