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Coronavirus Returns To New Zealand!

That's not a comeback any country would like.

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After receiving praise from all around the world, the inevitable has finally happened. After reporting zero cases for 24 straight days, New Zealand reports two new Coronavirus cases. This happened 8 days after the country declared itself free of COVID-19.

COVID-19 comes back to New Zealand

After 24 days, the country’s Ministry of Health reports its first two Coronavirus cases. Two women, who traveled to New Zealand from the UK, through Australia, tested positive.

After arriving in New Zealand, they were placed in isolation in a hotel in Auckland. However, they were released on “compassionate grounds”. After that, the two women travelled to Wellington to visit a relative, who has since passed away.

New Zealand’s Director-General of Health, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield said that the women were experiencing “mild symptoms”. However, those symptoms were because of pre-existing conditions. Thankfully, the women didn’t visit any public space or facility before testing positive. Dr. Bloomfield further said that new COVID-19 cases were expected by the New Zealand government, saying:

A new case is something that we hoped we wouldn’t get but is also something we expected and we have planned for.

Moreover, travelers have to test negative before release, confirms Dr. Bloomfield:

… anyone released [from isolation] on compassionate exemption is tested, and there is a negative test result received and confirmed before they are released.

After that, the Health Ministry is conducting a contact tracing operation. Tracking is underway for everyone who may have come in contact with the two women, including those on the same flight and isolation facility.

The Kiwis handled it better than anyone

There’s little doubt left that New Zealand is the best country to deal with COVID-19. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s communication has been on point with her people. Moreover, she imposed a lockdown very effectively, which made her country the first with zero new Coronavirus cases. As a result, the government removed all domestic restrictions, apart from those who enter the country. Right now, the total number of confirmed Coronavirus cases the country has had is 1156.

For Ardern’s amazing performance as the leader, she has received widespread praise for her work. That also includes Kumail Nanjiani, who called the country ‘Middle Earth’. We hope the rest of the world follows New Zealand as an example. Only then can the world be free of COVID-19.

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