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Lady Gaga Has Her Eyes Set On The Oscars

A Star Is Born Film Preview

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A Star Is Born is among the first few films this year that is already hopeful for an Oscar nomination. Or multiple nominations if we are being completely honest. With favorable reviews under its belt and a trailer that has audiences intrigued, it has already become a media favorite and has die-hard Lady Gaga fans excited for its release.


Already dubbed as a crowd pleaser, A Star Is Born stars Bradley Cooper (Jackson) as an alcoholic musician who has trouble performing on stage due to his addiction and loss of hearing.

The flame of his successful career has died and he finds himself isolated and depressed.
He has no idea where his life is headed; that is, until he comes across Lady Gaga (Ally) at a bar.

Completely in awe by her performance he strikes up a conversation with her. Lady Gaga (Ally) a shy introvert, is absolutely unsure about herself. She is self deprecating about the way she is dressed and her ability as a performer and songwriter.

Naturally, they end up falling in love. Cooper (Jackson) helps Lady Gaga (Ally) overcome her insecurities and kickstarts her career.

Soon obstacles follow and it is left up to them to decide where their paths lead them.

Themes Discussed in A Star Is Born

The two main themes discussed in this film are alcoholism and fame and fortune.

In terms of Alcoholism, it portrays how it leads to the fracturing of multiple lives and relationships- apart from the alcoholics’ own life. How it is a struggle for everyone involved and a vicious cycle that leaves pain and heartbreak in its wake.

A Star Is Born also speculates the toll fame and fortune has on an individual. How the journey is never smooth sailing and requires a lot of sacrifices to be made from the individual involved. It is definitely a perspective we do not get to see that often in the in media.

The Phenomenal Performance by Lady Gaga

The performances by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are spectacular.

Most scenes feel like we are eavesdropping on a private conversation. The dialogue is amplified by long stretches of silences have an air of realism and spontaneity.

Most importantly, the acting feels authentic, which is crucial in a film that heavily relies on the emotional investment of the audience.

The chemistry between the two leads transcends the norm we have become used to. It is not merely ‘sparks flying’ but is an all consuming passion that defies time and space.

The Music For A Star Is Born is Sure To Please Many

The musical score is destined to become a hit. Songs such as ‘I Don’t Know What Love Is’ and ‘Shallow’ are two of the many duets performed by Cooper and Lady Gaga that brim with raw emotion and honesty. The musical composition successfully tells a story of how love is the only thing that can save us when we have given all that we had to give and laid ourselves bare.

When Can I Watch It?

The adult musical drama, ‘A Star Is Born’ is Bradley Cooper’s film directing debut starring Lady Gaga that will be released this week on the 4th of October by Warner Bros.

With its success at The Toronto Film Festival critics have high hopes that ‘A Star Is Born’ is bound for numerous nominations at the Oscars.

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