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Can Max Mercury Make Appearance In The Flash Season 7

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Just so that the show could be kept interesting, CW’s The Flash has introduced many superheroes in the Arrowverse, right up to its season 7. Now we think that there might be a possibility that even the Golden Age’s Max Mercury can debut in the series. Thanks to the events that led to and occurred during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Arrowverse has noticed a world full of metahumans and Speed Force users. Although we also lost some of the notable heroes, we also got to see the creation of Earth-Prime and a CW version of the Justice League. Perhaps the moment could not be any better to introduce unseen characters from the classic DC comics, especially those that are related to the Flash’s history.

How Can Max Mercury Make A Start in The Flash?

To be honest, it all depends on how the storyline goes. However, since the death of Olive Queen and the Crisis event, it is time the creators do justice to The Flash by bringing on Max Mercury. Mercury can bring new ideas to the storyline where we already have too many superfast heroes. He can even influence the Legends of Tomorrow.

We already have Team Flash which includes Wally West, Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, and Barry Allen. Then there are villains like Reverse-Flash, Zoom, and Savitar. Bringing on more speedsters is simply overabundance and proof that the series is dead or dying. However, The Flash can certainly enjoy the introduction of 1940 character, Max Mercury. As a background, he is the second person to gain the speed ability, after Flash. Moreover, he is the only character to obtain his powers from shamanic rituals and harness his superseded in a mystical way. Therefore, he is also called The Zen Master of Speed.

The Golden Age Marvel comic character can certainly make a wonderful addition to the storyline, we think. Let us know your thoughts as well!

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