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Twitter Is Praising Taika Waititi For Perfect Anti-Racism PSA

More like a pro-racism PSA, if we're being honest.

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Even though celebrities are mostly out of work these days because of Quarantine, they’re still in the news. After all, with what’s happening around the world because of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter requires them to speak up. However, some of them didn’t really do a good job at it. But, Taika Waititi’s anti-racism PSA video is getting a lot of praise on Twitter, 3 years after it was made. And what’s even funnier is that it’s almost 3 years old!

Waititi gets praise for perfect Anti-Racism PSA, made 3 years ago

Let’s say that Twitter was getting very fed up by seeing cringe public service messages (PSA) from celebrities. So, what they did was dig out some old and gold stuff from the past and reshared it. And it was Taika Waititi’s anti-racism PSA from 3 years ago, and it is spectacular. This is because instead of talking against racism directly, Waititi talked about how you can SUPPORT racism! Here’s the video:


This is honestly one of the best anti-racism PSAs I have ever seen. And it wouldn’t have been possible without Taika Waititi’s incredibly sarcastic and satirical tone and only he can pull it off. Twitter has now rediscovered this video and users are re-sharing it, including some celebrities.


Moreover, Jameela Jamil also praised Taika Waititi for this video, saying:

This is the only celebrity video that should ever be allowed ever again.

Of course, these comments were the reaction of a recent Antir-racism PSA that made rounds on social media.

An anti-racism PSA that went wrong

Sadly, every celebrity doesn’t know the right way to make an anti-racism PSA as Taika Waititi does. Last week, Sarah Paulson, Julianne Moore, Aaron Paul, Kesha, and a few other high-profile celebrities got a lot of stick for their anti-racism PSA. It was titled “I take responsibility”, and the criticism that revolved around the video said that it felt more like an ‘act’. It seemed insincere and just a formality for these celebrities to seem ‘woke’. However, they weren’t the only ones to receive criticism.
Previously, Gal Gadot, Mark Ruffalo, Amy Adams, and Sarah Paulson (again) were criticized a while back for singing a cringe cover of John Lennon’s Imagine. People called them out for singing a song saying “Imagine no possession” from their huge mansions. Therefore, it’s important that celebrities go through their message once before sharing them on social media. Maybe they should take a small lesson from Taika Waititi.
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