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Lindsay Lohan Trying to Be a Hero?

And failing miserably it seems

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Lindsay Lohan has recently become a much trending topic on Twitter. But probably, it’s because of one of the worst reasons one could have imagined. Not only does Lindsay Lohan trail a Syrian family but also harasses and accuses them of human trafficking. And while doing all this, the woman posted it on an Instagram video. It was not just humiliating for the Syrian family, but also shameful for a star as popular as Lohan to do this. The entire episode is up on social media, and needless to say, it is more bizarre in real than it sounds.

What Did Lindsay Lohan Do?

Lindsay Lohan traveled in Moscow and trailed what she claimed to be a refugee Syrian family. And accosted them as well as accused them of human trafficking. Not only did Lohan live-stream the encounter but also made an Instagram video to upload on social media.

Firstly, it began with Lindsay Lohan approached a family sleeping on the sidewalk. While chatting to the viewers, she said that it was a family she recently met. And said that it was a refugee Syrian family in need of help and she was really worried about them. Initially, Lohan asked them if she could get them a hotel room. Then, the video escalates to her offering only the mother and son to come with her. And then, she asked for just the children. Lindsay Lohan tells the family that she is offering their children a bed at the moment, and they should just take up the opportunity. Interestingly enough, the star had a fake accent for most of the video.

After realizing that Lohan did not intend to leave soon, the family packed up their gatherings in an attempt to leave. But she did not just give up and chased after them. Lindsay Lohan also accused the Syrian family of ruining Arabic culture because apparently, they did not allow her to take away their children. And then, Lohan told the viewers in her Instagram video that the family was trafficking children. Moving on, she threatened the Syrian family that now she knows who they are. And will not leave until she takes them. The Instagram video concluded with the mother of the family pushing Lindsay Lohan to the ground. And then the Mean Girls star started crying and claimed that she was shocked and scared.

Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan describes herself as an activist. And her Instagram video has caused outrage all over social media. People are wondering why would she decide to get this creepy and attempt to steal someone’s kids while harassing them the whole time. Lindsay Lohan’s representatives have been reached out to comment.

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