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Here Is What We Know About Rayshard Brooks Shooting

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Another day and another black man dead in the United States of America. The Rayshard Brooks shooting is about a 27-year-old Black man who died outside a local fast-food chain in Atlanta. Yet again, protests have emerged as people call out for justice against racism and black lives. Recent reports have emerged and they say that the city’s police chief has resigned after the incident. The event started when Police were called on a black man who had called asleep in his car while waiting in line outside the restaurant. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has opened an inquiry into the shooting.

Rayshard Brooks Shooting Video Released

Video footage is now out of the Rayshard Brooks shooting incident. According to what we can see, Brooks failed a sobriety test and police attempted to take him into custody. However as peaceful as the conversation earlier was before the arrest, Brooks attempted to escape and decided to struggle to arrest.

However, the police then tried to tase him but eventually, the body camera fell to the ground during the struggle. The next thing we know, a few rounds of shots were heard and the result was that Brooks was dead.

While the body camera could not show the major part of the scene, CCTV footage explained things better. The footage below clearly tells that as Brooks tried to escape from the cops, he tried to taser a cop. The cops were forced to fire on him, killing him on spot.

Rayshard Brooks was a father of four, who celebrated his 8-year-old daughter’s birthday this past Friday. He was shot while struggling to flee from the scene.

Atlanta Chief Resigned

As protests erupt yet again, the Atlanta police chief resigned hours after the killing of a Black man. As for the officers, Garret Rolfe and Devin Bronson, they were fired and placed on administrative duty.

The protests in Atlanta have erupted to such a height that rioters burned down Wendy’s restaurant, where Brooks died.

Here is the aftermath of the burning of Wendy’s after Rayshard Brooks shooting:

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