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Megan Mullally Carrying Out Justice on Instagram

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A lot many celebrities use social media to connect to their fans. But not all use it as well as Megan Mullally did. Recently, when the actress decided to come live on Instagram, a sexual predator joined her. And Megan Mullally was not ready to let something like this pass by. In fact, she used this as an opportunity to rid social media users of such a shameful account. Maybe, this is exactly the right way to put harassers and predators like him to their rightful places.

What Really Happened?

On Wednesday, Megan Mullally decided to go live on Instagram. But during the session, a man who joined exposed himself for the rest of her audience. Not just that, but he started playing with his genitals as well. Later, Megan discovered that the user was outside of the United States. Not just that, but on his account in his story section, he had added a video to the highlights section. And in it, he boasted if people would like to see a gang rape. Naturally, the man looked doubtful and shamelessly touched his parts in front of the entire world. Megan Mullally quickly labelled him as a sexual predator who was harmful for the entire audience of social media. Especially, in times when a huge majority of the social media users are teenagers, children, and also females.

How Did Megan Mullally React?

Megan Mullally rallied her users to help her shut down the account of that man. After making the initial post, she added a video addressed to the company asking them to take action against the sexual predator. Meghan Mullally used it to bring attention that a lot of followers including kids and teenagers watch her live videos. And she questioned whether it was fine with the company if a man exposed himself in front of those to play with his genitals.

After Megan Mullally’s video failed to do the trick, she brought in her husband- Nick Offerman. And wrote that this was just in case, they did not feel like listening to women. Not only this, but she added that she had a lot of #MeToo moments. And this was just an additional one that the company was doing nothing about. But two hours later, Megan Mullally informed her followers that it worked and Instagram suspended the predator’s account.

Megan Mullally admitted that being a celebrity might have played the card here. But she urged her followers to be persistent if they see any more sexual predators around. And in order to assist further, she asked her followers to tag them in such posts so they could take actions.

In times where movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp are progressing but sexual assault victims are still being mocked, Megan Mullally has delivered great advice.

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