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Cole Sprouse says Riverdale Romantic scenes will change!

No... Not because of the Lili and Cole Breakup

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A lot of us have wondered what the world has turned into since the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak. Social distancing, lockdowns, curfews, closing down of all public places, etc. But, while we are wondering what has become of the world, there are those out there thinking about how every little aspect of our lives is going to change after this pandemic is over. That is, hopefully, if it ever is. Cole Sprouse, Jughead Jones from Riverdale, is already thinking about how the romantic scenes in his show will be different in the ‘post-coronavirus’ world.

Cole Sprouse says a lot is to change once he returns to the Riverdale set.

Our show is the exact kind of rubric which is going to come under a scrutinizing lens in terms of how things are gonna to change technically

Cole Sprouse goes on to explain that there are a couple of scenes, background, and technical changes on Riverdale.

I mean, the nature of romantic scenes are going to change quite a bit. Kraft service: catering is going to change quite a bit. Interactions with cast and crew are gonna change quite a bit. What kind of stages you’re allowed to shoot in are gonna have to change; the ventilation is going to have to change on a technical level.

Nursing his new beard and mustache look, Cole Sprouse is pretty analytical of all the things that he sees changing on the Riverdale set. Well, to be honest, we already knew that even without the pandemic, Riverdale plans on having a major time jump in the next season. As the characters go off to college, the show will skip that part and resume from their post-college life. So, that is something. Meanwhile, a lot may change from the perspective that Lili Reinhart is no longer dating Cole Sprouse and that may also have an unprecedented effect on the on-screen chemistry for Riverdale. However, whatever it is, Cole Sprouse is ready for it!

Our show is one of those shows where we are deeply involved with all of the new regulations that are put upon a production cycle. So, I am incredibly interested to see how it works.

Season 5 of the show will now premiere in 2021, January as all of CW’s fall 2020 is delayed. Cole Sprouse returns to the Riverdale set this summer.

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