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Monkey steals Coronavirus blood samples – India Reports

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What can’t monkeys do? Well, you may have heard of monkeys and their adventures in your childhood storybooks. But, this just in, a monkey stole Coronavirus blood samples from a research facility in India. The little animal actually attacked a lab technician from the  Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College in Uttar Pradesh. So, what does he do after he steals blood samples? The monkey runs with the samples to the nearest tree and climbs it. And what does the ‘robbed’ human do? He makes a video of the monkey in the tree – of course! This all just sounds like a hilarious children’s book though.

Indian locals concerned stolen Coronavirus Samples will transmit the virus to monkeys.

So, after the news of the monkey stealing the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) samples of the suspected positive cases got out, people immediately show concern about a new rise in cases in the state. Meanwhile, the monkeys have yet to be caught. The forest department is also trying but cannot catch the monkeys. India Today reports this saying,

While doctors have again collected samples from the three patients, there is fear in the area as the suspected samples of Covid-19 patients are still with the monkeys.

Even in the ‘viral video’, the monkey is seen chewing on one of the plastic tubes containing the blood samples. The locals say that monkeys in the area are not new to this. They often commit communal offenses like this. However, there is not much of a reason to worry as the facility has asked the 3 people to give their blood again. Meanwhile, there is little to no evidence that COVID-19 can actually transmit to an animal from contact with the infected blood. So, the monkeys are safe most likely unless they touch a human who is infected.

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