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What Will You Do To Keep Your Family Safe?

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So, what’s the popular TV show Safe all about? It’s a show that is centered around the disappearance of 16 year old Jenny. No one knows where she has gone. There’s a state of worry and agitation as the heart broken father desperately look for their missing daughter.


With no trace of her and no witnesses to corroborate about her whereabouts, her pediatric surgeon father, who juggles his job along with being a single parent; is desperate to find her. Living in a safe gated community, no one could have fathomed that something like this could happen on their streets. As Tom Delaney (Hall) delves deeper into his daughters disappearance he finds out about his dead wife’s dark past. It’s something so awful that could shatter their community into a million pieces.
A secret so big that there is someone trying to keep them quiet.

It’s Worth the Watch

I can not emphasize enough how Safe is such a great series. Filled with lies and deceit and numerous twits and turns, it will have you craving for more after each episode. A teacher preying on her students. A duplicitous detective. A bitter husband. A house getting burnt down. A teenage killer. A creepy hoarder.
Parents who will go to unthinkable lengths for their children. A prank gone too far. And a father being united with a daughter he never knew he had.

The suspense never stops coming!

And if that does not make you excited for Safe then you will be glad to know that Michael C. Hall attempts a British accent in this series. Was the accent good or bad? Well, you be the judge.

Meet The Cast Of Safe

Safe has a phenomenal cast. Starring Michael C. Hall known for his lead role in ‘Dexter’ and Amanda Abbington who plays Mary in the BBC’s adaptation of ‘Sherlock’. It also includes Isabelle Allen who performed as Cosette in the film adaptation of Les Misérables and my favourite Amy James Kelly from Coronation Street.

Will There Be A Season 2?

Since Season 1 ended on a definitive note with the mystery surrounding the plot completely revealed and resolved, fans aren’t too sure if Safe will be back for a second season. Series creator Harlan Coben hasn’t made up his mind regarding a potential reboot yet. He’s even alluded to the fact that season one might be all that audiences get for the foreseeable future.
Needless to say we are still hopeful that he changes his mind and the audience’s demands are fulfilled.

Where Can I Watch Safe?

Safe, co-produced with France’s Canal+ aired on the 10th of May this year on Netflix.
Season one comprising of eight episodes is now available to stream.

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