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Could Jensen Ackles really have been Sam Winchester?!

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Today, even if someone asks us to, we cannot imagine anyone playing or not playing the roles they are cast, in Supernatural. So, imagine our surprise when we find out that Jared Padalecki is not the only brilliant actor from the show who auditioned for the role. Throwback to the year before we saw, what later became one of our favorite shows, Supernatural comes to life. The writers and directors watch lines of people who audition for the show. They watch a lot of people come in and then walks in Jensen Ackles. The actor who now plays the other brother originally auditioned for Sam Winchester. And boy what would that have been like. Nope, we do not want to know.

Jensen Ackles originally auditioned for Sam Winchester.

So, as the story goes, the makers of Supernatural, when Jensen got word of the audition, only had readings for Sam Winchester going on. He then went to the audition for that role. However, as Jensen Ackles said in Rome Con 2010, the writers found their Dean in him:

Oh… You actually did Sam the way we want Dean to be done. So, yea we will see you tomorrow.

So, the star had his role. Meanwhile, the writers found Jared Padelecki to play Sam Winchester and the two went on to make one of the most iconic supernatural creatures fighting brother duo to exist.

Supernatural itself has 15 seasons and the actors just bid goodbye to their roles. Their acting and chemistry are some of the most important reasons for the show’s success over the years. Everybody loves Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki for their roles on the show. Along with Misha Collins as Castiel, the entire show is a rollercoaster to watch.

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