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What happened to the characters in Fuller House finale

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Fuller House has just had its finale come out along with part B of Season 5 on Netflix. And so, as expected, the entire cast has said their goodbye to the sitcom. We loved watching some of our favorite ’80s stars come back for us. Bob Saget, John Stamos, Lori Loughlin, Dave Coulier, Candace Burr, Jodi Sweetin, and Andrea Barber returned to our screens in 2015 for the biggest reunion show ever. While when Full House ended, we did not see a conclusive ending, the writers gave their best into making the finale this time. The entire ending was a bit too emotional as we saw the She-Wolf Pack have a triple wedding.

How the Fuller House finale went for the characters!

DJ Tanner-Fuller is marrying her first love and boyfriend Steve Hale. The couple is ready to take over the infamous Tanner house with Donna Jo’s kids, Jackson, Max, and Tommy Fuller. They plan to remain in the house as Jackson decided to do a degree in computer and hacking instead of going to college. This was probably the most predictable part of the finale.

Stephanie Tanner is now marrying the love of her life, Jimmy Gibbler. I KNOW! Who would’ve thought little Stephie would end up with a Gibbler. Her daughter, Danielle Tanner, and husband plan to move closer to their Uncle Monty’s store. They are moving out. However, here’s the surprise, in the first season, Stephanie told DJ that she couldn’t get pregnant. However, at the last moment of the Fuller House finale, she tells DJ that she is pregnant.

Kimmy Gibbler is now married to her ex-husband Fernando Hernandez Guerrero Fernandez Guerrero and she and her daughter, Ramona Gibbler, are moving away from San Fransisco where they plan to expand Uncle Monty’s.

However, in the end, they all decide to come back and live together and that is what makes it the Fuller House Finale. They are plan to live in the same house and bring up their families together.

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