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Here is How Christopher Nolan Escapes Tenet Spoiler Leaks

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Nobody really knows what is going to happen in Christopher Nolan’s new movie Tenet. Not even the actors really know about it. The ones who might know, they are not saying anything either. With everything on the dark side of the moon, the only kind of plot reveal that people get is from the trailers. There is some reason for it and Nolan certainly wants to have the movie stay this way until the end. Kenneth Branagh, who also features in the movie, talks about how the Tenet director makes spoilers seem impossible.

Why Tenet Spoilers Do Not Exist Yet

Branagh explained to Collider about how Christopher Nolan went about to tell actors to join in. He explained that he was at him home when there was a knock at the door and the Tenet director was standing there with the script. He told him, “I’ve come to deliver the script to you.”

That’s the first part of keeping suppliers away from Tenet. Next, Branagh revealed that the director only asked him to ‘keep this to yourself’ and that is it! There was no signature for anything, only a handshake, and level of trust.

“How will we talk about this?” The reply: “24 hours from now, sir, I will give you a telephone call and we will discuss it.”

“It’s as simple as that. [Nolan] says, ‘It’d be nice if we maybe kept this to ourselves’. Nobody signs anything. It’s a handshake and a level of trust.”

As you can see, there are no non-disclosures and no locked room script readings, and there is certainly no oath ceremonies. Just with a simple handshake and a personal delivery by the director himself. That is all it takes for Tenet’s spoilers to stay away.

The trust is understandable because of the high repute the director carries with him. Even when there is a script change then the Branagh would go over to the associate producer who would replace his script or the changed pages. He continued to explain that just because Nolan asked to keep it a secret, people don’t want a script that is not locked in their bags while traveling.

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