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Sorry For Your Loss: A Dark Comedy Starring Elizabeth Olsen

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Elizabeth Olsen returns to screens in the highly anticipated dark comedy: Sorry For Your Loss.
Yes you read that right. Elizabeth Olsen is back! Much to the excitement of her fans. She’s also the executive producer and the main lead of her show.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly she described her character as being a type-A personality. She’s a perfectionist at heart, and it’s hard for people to take care of her. In Sorry for Your Loss Elizabeth Olsen plays Leigh, a woman who has recently been widowed. The series follows her journey as she adapts to living a life without her husband Matt, whose sudden death has impacted the other relationships in her life. She also comes to realize that she did not know him as well as she thought….

How Sorry For Your Loss Addresses Death

Offering important insight into grief and how each of us have a unique way of dealing with the death of a loved one, Sorry For Your Loss adds wit into the mix. While the show is respectful of the sensitivity of the subject matter, it does not get too emotionally taxing for the viewer to watch through an episode.

With Elizabeth Olsen making comments such as, ‘…I only get to eat one fun thing a week. (What’s your fun thing?) Doughnuts at grief group…’ the viewer is subtly reminded of her loss but at the same time it also highlights the nonchalant way she tries to camouflage her struggles with humor.

The First Episode Sets the Foundation of the Show

The first episode opens with Leigh (Elizabeth Olsen) in grief counseling fumbling through loose sheats of paper trying to locate her notes. After recollecting her thoughts she goes on to ramble about how she saw people posting links to an infographic about marriages. It said if your spouse dies it feels like losing 308,780 dollars a year. How losing that amount would feel like a problem you couldn’t fix since it’s an impossible amount of money to lose. She then adds that her husband dying feels like the same kind of impossible thing.

This is the poignant realization we have as an audience that she is still trying to make sense of the tragedy. That it is something she is still trying to fix and hasn’t come to terms with yet.
We then follow her trudging through her days as she struggles to wake up early in the mornings and teach a class at her mother’s fitness studio. We witness an argument she has with her sister because she has been borrowing her clothes for the past three months.

It’s been three months since her husband died and she hasn’t been able to walk alone into their empty apartment. With flashbacks of the serene life she had with her husband we see her trying to make sense of the changed world around her. And with an emotional breakdown in grief counseling over the lack of doughnuts on offer and a difficult meeting with her husband’s brother, Danny; Leigh leaves distraught.
As she returns to her job of writing advice for an advice column she types out her true feelings and then promptly proceeds to delete it.

The message she deletes says

The reason everyone is telling you it’s not the end of the world is because it’s not the end of THEIR world. They don’t have to figure out how to live inside a world that’s over. You do.

She then wakes up early next morning and heads on to their apartment to confront her altered reality.

The whole episode clearly shows that this is a sho where authentic feelings will be expressed and tackled. It doesn’t play around or show a watered down version of dealing with the death of a loved one, it shows you how it shatters you inside and how it’s so incredibly difficult to cope with life. With it’s own touch, the show is really unique. It’s interesting to see how they continue with this premise.

Where Can You Watch Sorry For Your Loss?

The first four episodes of Sorry For Your Loss aired on the 18th of September on Facebook Watch. Season one created and written by Kit Steinkellner will have a total of ten episodes. Six have already been released.

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