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Sony Getting Ready For Price War With PS5 Digital Edition?

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Sony has finally unveiled its newest gaming console, PlayStation 5, or simply PS5. While the sleek, trendy, and bicolored design looks perfectly modern, there was a surprise to fans and the competition waiting as well. This was in the form of PS5 Digitial Edition which probably no one was expecting. However, since Microsoft is doing is with its Xbox Series X Project Lockhart, then Sony must have also gotten the idea of trying to stay ahead in the game. There is a catch: the new PS5 Digital Edition (DE) packs the same hardware specs as the main model, just without the 4K optical drive. It will carry a lower price tag, but will this put it in front of Xbox’s Lockhart model?

Microsoft has been carrying the rumor of launching two next-gen models, just like Sony. However, their DE is expected to have changes in memory configuration and GPU that might make it less powerful than their main model.

Price To Be The Deciding Factor In PS5 – Xbox  War

The best that Sony can probably do is reduce their price stage for the PS5 DE model by $50. Now, for some this might not be much, but for many cutting down the drive and saving a few bucks can be a dealbreaker. Thanks to on-going dive in recession, Sony will need to offer every form of price cut to stay attractive for gamers.

However, it is clear that the digital model should also bring how their system works on digital platforms. Like what happens with the optical discs, is Sony going to offer features of loaning digital copies or maybe reselling them to others in the gaming community? With PS5 this can be a great discussion and if such feature go through, then it is going to be a huge push for Sony and the PlayStation 5.

We already know how Microsoft tried to do the same with its Xbox One. However, policy checks forced them into reversing the decision. But, the option is still on the table and we all know it can happen again. They shaved off $50 from their Xbox One S All-Digital Edition as well. Sony is possibly going to do the same.

Conclusively, it is time for Xbox and Microsoft to make a move against PS5. This summer is surely going to belong.

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