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George RR Martin Explains Why Game of Thrones Was So Dark

Funnily enough, he says it isn't dark enough.

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Whenever we think of Game of Thrones, apart from that finale, we say that ‘holy s*** it was dark’. And that’s a very common sentiment in almost every viewer. But, why did George RR Martin make the Game of Thrones universe so dark? Let’s see what he has to say.

George RR Martin explains why Game of Thrones is dark

In an interview, Martin explains that not only is A Song of Ice and Fire dark, but his very first published work was also dark and it’s a trend:

You know my work always has a certain amount of melancholy to it. If you go way back to my earliest published stories in the 70s, I think you’ll find that trend.

Moreover, Martin explains that the reason Game of Thrones is dark is because no one wants to read a book just about happy and peaceful times. It’s all about the conflict that makes it interesting. He said:

You know fiction is about conflict and is about dark periods. No one goes out and reads a book about a happy peaceful family living in happy peaceful times.

Interestingly, George RR Martin actually believes that Game of Thrones actually isn’t dark enough. He says that real-life events in the Middle Ages were far more gruesome. He further said:

Mine is darker than some way I think because I have tried to make it a little more realistic. I mean People who complain that my world is too dark have really never read much about the real Middle Ages. I mean the things that have gone in Westeros are nothing compared to the sort of the things that went about in the real Middle Ages in terms of the rape and torment and slaughter and torture, you know. It was not a happy time in the Middle Ages and Black Death, that was a fun time.

And it is true. A lot of the events that George RR Martin wrote in A Song of Ice And Fire were actually inspired by real-life events. And they were far more horrible than what Martin wrote.

Some of the events that inspired Game of Thrones

The first event that truly shows the gruesomeness of Game of Thrones is the Red Wedding. And believe it or not, it happened for real.

George RR Martin Explains Why Game of Thrones Was So Dark

George RR Martin explained that the Red Wedding was inspired by The Black Dinner in 1440 and the Glencoe Massacre in 1692. So yes, the darkest moment that Game of Thrones ever produced happened in real life. Moreover, A Song of Ice and Fire also had a plague, just like the Coronavirus Pandemic. And it wiped out a lot of Westeros’s population. But, it was nothing compared to the Black Death in Europe in 1346, that wiped out half the continent. So, there’s no doubt that truth is strange than fiction.

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