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Is KFC Gaming Launching Its Console Or Is It A Joke?

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Colonel Sander’s army has just decided to tackle one of the huge markets of the world right after winning the crunchy chicken world. By the looks at what is happening, it seems like KFC (YES!) might be stepping into the world of gaming! Just when Sony and PlayStation released their latest gaming console PS5, Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to take away the spotlight from them by releasing their brand new console as well! Or is it? They know exactly what gamers want during their hard time getting beat online: Food! Hence, they added a chicken warmer tray in it as well. What is happening? KFC Gaming released the first looks of the KFC gaming console, and it looks real enough!

Is KFC Gaming Console A Real Thing Or Just Clever Marketing?

Twitter account Fandom posted the following tweet and we believe that perhaps everyone can relate to this after watching the first looks of the KFC gaming console.

KFC knows that people who are into gaming definitely feel hungry after sweating tirelessly in hour-long sessions. That is why they have fitted a chicken heating tray inside the console. now anyone can heat their food while they play a session and then immediately take it out when they die in-game. Seeing is believing and that is why we offer you to watch the first look below:

This mega gaming console is packing 120 FPS and true 4K resolution. It seems like there is no truer 4k resolution than what people at KFC are offering now. They even did their branding right by displaying neons of red and white stripes which are the colors for KFC. With this much detail, perhaps the KFC gaming console is an actual thing and not a hoax?

Regardless, whatever it is, it is surely taking some spotlight away from the PS5, which released just today. People are already getting behind the idea:

It really finger-lickin’ good. If this plan pulls through, then it really will be!

This guy said it all right. Now that we have the KFC gaming console coming, it’s over for everyone!

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