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Colonial Statues Are Being Torn Down After George Floyd’s Death

It includes statues of figures from the colonial and even recent past of the world.

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Black Lives Matter movement is fundamentally changing the way we look at our history and monuments. George Floyd’s murder has forced people to rethink what their past actually was. And as a result of these protests and anger, protestors are tearing down statues. But, these aren’t any ordinary statues. They are statues of racist and genocidal leaders from the colonial, confederate, and even modern history era.

Colonial Statues are on their way down

It all started when the statue of famous colonial explorer Christopher Columbus was beheaded overnight in Boston. Now, Columbus is a very divisive figure in America because of his legacy. For White Americans, he brought their race into the then New World. But, for Native Americans, he brought with him a genocide of biblical proportions. But, this was just the start.

There was another colonial statue of Columbus outside the Minnesota State Capitol. Recently, it was torn down by organizers from the American Indian Movement. Here’s the footage:

Moreover, Columbus wasn’t the only colonial figure whose statue was torn down. The statue of Confederate leader Jefferson Davis ended up kissing the ground in Richmond, Virginia. And this one should not have waited till 2020, no matter what. A leader who fought to preserve slavery should not be honored in this day and age.

However, this movement of bringing down statues didn’t stop in the United States. It caught on in England too, where protestors brought down the statue of the famously racist Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill. Protestors spray-painted “was a racist” on his statue. As a result, the British Government boarded up the statue like this:

But of course, this raises the question that why are people bringing down statues of colonial and Confederate leaders? Well, the answers are simple – racism and genocide.

These leaders are a symbol of racism and genocide

These Confederate and Colonial Statues are of leaders who committed acts that will be considered war crimes in today’s age. And it’s not like it was a norm back in the days. Columbus killed millions of Native Americans and brought African slaves into the New World. And this institution of slavery lasted for centuries after his death, killing millions more.

Moreover, Churchill has the blood of millions of Bengalis on his hands and was openly racist against them. In fact, he orchestrated the 1943 Bengal famine that resulted in 5 million deaths. In fact, Churchill famously said once:

I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.

This clear genocide and white supremacy demonstrated by Churchill puts him right along with famous genocidal dictators. Therefore, vandalizing his statue and bringing down Columbus’s statue only helps in creating awareness among the people about the horrific past. These leaders should not be celebrated in this day and age. And the world should follow New Zealand’s steps. Their government removed the statue of British Colonizer Hamilton by themselves:

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