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Aaron Carter’s shenanigans with girlfriends are giving fans a whiplash

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Aaron Carter, the Candy singer who was previously famous for being Nick Carter’s young brother, is now famous for his dating life. Since last year, Aaron has been dating girls and declaring his love for all of them, but only during the relationship period. His longest relationship so far has been with Lina Valentina. However, they had a falling out last year when Aaron accused her of domestic violence. After that, he officially hooked up with Trisha Paytas and Jenna Shea before starting a relationship with Melanie Martin. In fact, the same relationship is ON again after a dramatic turn. And it is honestly giving AC fans a whiplash. (Even when most of them will never confess it).

Aaron Carter & Melanie Martin | What went Wrong?

Last we knew, Aaron & Melanie had a fight, resulting in Melanie’s arrest. Her bail was set for $50,000 and it was believed that her ex-boyfriend Kurt Benz bailed her out. While the AC army believed Melanie will not be back after getting arrested, they were wrong. She was with Aaron Carter within a couple of days. And just after a few days, they were breaking up again.

After their breakup in April 2020, Aaron was quick to start a relationship with a Real Estate Agent, Viktoria. He even called her a hero, they had live streaming sessions together. They made fun of Melanie, kept claiming that Viktoria is getting threatening calls from Mel.

After all that drama, you’d believe that Melanie Martin moved on with her life. She actually did for a couple of weeks. Melanie Martin started her own OnlyFans, a silent blow on Aaron Carter’s OnlyFans account. She even had a new apartment, was partying with her girls while saying she had a miscarriage. On the other hand, Aaron & Viktoria were going strong. But that didn’t last long.

Switching off Viktoria, Moving on with Melanie

Now, here comes the whiplash. All of a sudden, Viktoria is out of the picture and Melanie Martin has moved in with Aaron Carter again. Viktoria did not take it lightly, of course. She claims she was out for a few hours and Melanie used that time to move in with Aaron.

Now, Viktoria is trying to convince her fans that she has moved on with her life already. While Aaron Carter says she was just a rebound relationship for him. He never succeeds in getting over Melanie Martin. Melanie and Aaron have been live streaming together again. And they already have a fair number of arguments, disagreements and not-so-convincing discussions. He even apologized to Viktoria.


Aaron Carter further added that Melanie Martin had a miscarriage due to stress. However, the jury is still out on whether she was actually pregnant or not. Melanie and Aaron had an argument over the “wedding”.


Aaron Carter proposes…….

And they ended up getting engaged during a live stream recently .


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In one of the cringiest proposals of all time, #aaroncarter asked short time, off-again, on-again girlfriend, #melaniemartin to marry him all while streaming it live on YouTube. With a mere blanket and his backyard, Aaron got down on one knee and consistently looked into the camera. This came a day after Aaron streamed a stressful argument that caused many fans to grow concerned for Melanie’s wellbeing. Many viewed him as being verbally and mentally abusive as well as gaslighting due to public comments made on the same live stream. The troubled artist, who has struggled with addiction, seems to have created yet another addiction by not being able to live without a camera filming almost nonstop… this also includes deciding to provide more content for his Onlyfans account. For those who don’t know what Onlyfans is, it is a personal site where viewers pay to see private pictures or videos of the nude nature.

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Viktoria leaks DMs

While Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin are planning their wedding, Viktoria used this time to leak some DMs.


Aaron Carter & Melanie Martin are already having arguments again. People are not liking the way Aaron talks to Melanie. They have even confirmed calling a wellness check, just to confirm if she is alright.

That’s not all. This recently happened with one of Melanie Martin’s friends Sandra.

Meanwhile, another bomb was dropped. Someone from Melanie Martin’s friends confirmed that she actually had an abortion, not a miscarriage.

At the moment, Aaron Carter’s Instagram account is deactivated. That’s not it. In fact, Melanie Martin’s Instagram account is gone as well. They live-streamed on YouTube 9 hours ago.

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