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Justin Trudeau takes a knee at the BLM Protests

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In Ottawa last Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined the ongoing Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement protests. The news came from CTV after Trudeau had already refused to comment on whether he plans to join the processions on Parliament Hill. It was a shocking yet pleasant surprise for the attendees. The Prime Minister walked among the crowd of thousands to show his solidarity towards the cause. Covering his face with a black mask, he was accompanied by his security team. Not surprisingly, The masses were overwhelmed by his dedication to the cause. Trudeau has previously shown himself to be one of the more compassionate and caring leaders.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows his solidarity with the BLM movement.

Justin Trudeau was quiet throughout the protest and did not say anything to draw attention to himself from the BLM cause. Meanwhile, the protesters also did not divert their attention by going to hassle the Prime Minister. The PM also, in turn, clapped along chanting with the protesters. He also took a knee. A sign to show that he does not stand for police brutality and racial discrimination. He nodded in agreement as the speaker said,

You are either a racist or an anti-racist

Justin Trudeau was also seemingly following the social distancing protocols at the BLM Protest. The Ottawa Police Service also said that they were trying their best to accommodate the grieving masses.

We respect the rights of our residents and community members to speak out when they see injustices and we understand the community’s deep pain and frustration. Our role is to provide a safe space for people to grieve and be heard.

So, this makes us realize that there are parts in the world where the change is already here. Police officers on the Parliament Hill are actually very cooperative with the protesters. We know from the BLM Movement that if anything, Justin Trudeau is doing his job right.

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