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Alyssa Milano Wants To Defund The Police Too

She joins the list of celebrities who support defunding the police.

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Celebrities these days are very much into social activism. And there are few artists who are as active as Alyssa Milano. Her support for #MeToo is well known, despite shortcomings. Moreover, she also supports defunding the police as well but wants a few things to change.

Alyssa Milano doesn’t want anyone to whitesplain ‘Defund the police’

Recently, a #DefundThePolice trend is rising on Twitter. And Alyssa Milano has announced her support for this trend. But, she went with a slightly different angle. She doesn’t want any whitesplaining in the ‘Defund the Police’ campaign and wants Black leaders to take the charge. Milano tweeted:

The Black activists, organizers, and advocates who have been fighting for abolition aren’t asking for your permission or thoughts on their movement.

Please stop trying to whitesplain #DefundThePolice. Let our spectacular Black Leaders lead us to a better way. #BlackLivesMatter

Here is Milano’s tweet:

But, she didn’t just stop at this tweet. Alyssa Milano further tagged a huge list of Black leaders, activists, and advocates for ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Defund The Police’. She tagged a lot of them in a thread under her tweet:

By doing so, Milano is raising the right awareness of this campaign. It’s important that Black leaders take charge of this movement, therefore her message will end up helping the movement. However, Milano isn’t the only celebrity to support defunding the police. Natalie Portman does too.

What does defunding the police mean?

We previously talked about what it actually means to defund the police. Basically, it’s a campaign to divert funds from the police and reinvesting it into poor communities, like African Americans. This is because the main reason for crime is mostly a lack of public services, such as schools, libraries, hospitals, roads, etc. By diverting funds from the police into these services, poor communities can prosper, crime will fall down, and thus there will be less need for the police in those areas.

By not investing in those communities, crime increases. And by funding the police, which already has a racial bias, aggressiveness in those communities increase. There are more chances of violent clashes and police brutality. Therefore, the campaign ‘Defund the Police’ is taking place. And contrary to popular belief, it does not call for an end to police. That is why Natalie Portman and Alyssa Milano support this campaign.

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