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Khloe Kardashian Vows To Fight For Black Community

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Amidst the unrest and police brutality that the black community has to endure every single day, celebrities are speaking up. As they should. Celebrities have a voice that normal people don’t. One of these is Khloe Kardashian who isn’t going to stay silent anymore.

Khloe Kardashian Speaks Up

After George Floyd’s brutal murder, Khloe Kardashian took to Instagram to pay tribute. “Over the last few days I’ve written and rewritten this so many times. Words feel empty, or somehow not enough, but I can’t sit silently,” the KUWTK star shared.


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She also addressed the racism in America and how it ends today. “Like so many of you I am angry, heartbroken and disgusted by the murder of George Floyd,” Khloe said. “We have seen this too many times. Black people have been discriminated against, victimized and murdered for too long, and have shown superhuman resiliency in the face of constant adversity.”

She continued saying how even in 2020, people are still caught up amongst race, diversity, stereotyping etc. Khloe revealed how it breaks her heart that parents today have to teach their children how to stay alive. When they should be teaching them how to ride a bicycle.

Khloe Kardashian says she will continue to pray for everyone. And hopes to get justice for George Floyd and other black Americans who have suffered because of the color of their skin.

She also vowed to do her part, recognizing the fact that she’s privileged “in more ways than one.”

“I will use that privilege to fight for you. I will not let George Floyd’s name be forgotten, I will speak up and speak out against discrimination fearlessly and louder than ever before,” Khloe continued. Ending her statement, Khloe reminded everyone that change must come.

“Change MUST happen! Black Lives DO matter! We can, we must, and we will change the future.”

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