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Stephen Colbert Calls Georgia Presidential Primary A Catastrophe

He said Georgia 'tested negative for voting'.

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Last Tuesday, 5 states including Georgia held their Presidential Primaries. However, the Georgia Primary did not go smoothly. In fact, it was such a disaster that The Late Show host Stephen Colbert called it a ‘catastrophe’.

What went wrong in Georgia Primary?

Georgia, which is a key battleground state in November’s Presidential elections, had rescheduled its primary twice, because of the Coronavirus. However, when it finally did happen, it was nothing short of a ‘catastrophe’, according to Stephen Colbert. There were incredibly long lines that stretched for miles, with voters waiting for hours. And no matter you’re black or white, a democrat or a republican, no one should struggle to vote. But, that was the case in Georgia.

Health concerns kept many longtime workers from showing up today. This meant that inexperienced volunteers ran the new voting machines for the first time. Moreover, they weren’t properly trained to run a primary election, according to Georgia’s Secretary of State. But, it gets worse, as voting problems were the worst in black areas. Almost 3 quarters of the people who called the hotline were black. However, Stephen Colbert blamed this fiasco on Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp.

Stephen Colbert blames Governor Kemp and interviews Stacey Abrams

Colbert put the blame for this disastrous Georgia Primary on Governor Brian Kemo, saying that:

Kemp is already notorious for voter suppression because, as Georgia’s Secretary of State during the 2018 elections that he ran in and yet was somehow also in charge of, he purged more than 1.4 million voters from the rolls and held up tens of thousands of voter registration applications, mostly from African Americans. So, when it comes to exposing systemic racism, Brian Kemp has been whipping it out for years.

Stacey Abrams talks to Stephen Colbert

After that, Stephen Colbert interviewed Democrat Stacey Abrams, who lost to Kemp in 2018. He asked her “Why was it such a ‘clustermunch’?”, to which Abrams said:

The secretary of state, who is in charge of elections, claims that he had no responsibility for the actual performance of elections. So instead, it depended on the county you lived in if you had access to democracy.

Abrams has said on record that she would welcome the chance to be Joe Biden’s running mate. She then further told Stephen Colbert about the disaster that was Georgia Primary, saying:

In some of our most populous counties, including some Republican-led counties, people could not vote, they did not have access to machines, and this is all due to the fact that the secretary of state failed to train, failed to give good direction, failed to invest — but he found it possible to spend $400,000 to film a television commercial about himself purchasing new machines.

Here’s the full interview of Stacey Abrams on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

It’s safe to say that the Georgia Primary results had no impact on November’s election. But, if the problem of voter suppression isn’t resolved by then, it will lead to bigger problems in the far more important Presidential Elections in November of 2020 when Donald Trump will face Joe Biden. If Georgia’s Presidential Elections go just as bad, it will have disastrous consequences.

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