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Harry Styles joins George Floyd Protests in LA

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Fine Line singer and One Direction member, Harry Styles takes to the streets of LA to join the George Floyd protests in the BLM movement. On the 25th of May, the victim was brutally killed by policemen in Minneapolis. Since the day, a new surge of spirit for equal rights for the Black community has started. The world is on the streets. As they take the roads to protest, many celebrities are joining the protests to voice against the discrimination. The streets of LA have some of our favorite stars protesting. And we only have more respect for them now than ever.

Harry Styles joins George Floyd protests and takes a knee.

The 26-year-old singer is taking an active part in supporting the cause. He takes a knee in the protests as he shows his support for the cause. This action shows your condemnation for police brutality and racism. American footballer Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem kneeling protest staged in 2016 has since become synonymous with the BLM movement. It is an expression of sentimental support for the cause. Harry Styles and many others are taking the knee these days to show their support for those like George Floyd.

His appearance was not announced and even when fans found out, they kept their distance. The gesture is so nice and shows how at times of need like this, the entire community is able to put aside their personal interests. Even mighty impressive of Harry Styles who joins the George Floyd Protests despite the fact that he is no stranger to fan ambush.

Not only this but, Harry Styles is also donating to bail out protest organizers as he tweeted the other day;

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