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Fans want Jeffree Star to make OnlyFans with Jozea Flores aka Jozea Rose

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I still can’t believe the fact that Jeffree Star possibly has a new boyfriend. Right now, he is just a mystery guy. And for all those people who still don’t know about this beefcake who appeared in Jeffree’s Insta Story. Guys, it is none other than “Jozea Rose”. He has caught massive attention from the gossip tabloids and Jeffree’s fandom.

Now we all know how Jeffree Star fans are loyal to him. They bombarded Jozea with lots and lots of questions regarding his relationship with Jeffree.

Who Is Jozea Rose?

So, Jozea is actually a man of many talents. He is a makeup artist who has his very own YouTube channel by the name of “Jozea Flores”. Our mystery guy only managed to post two makeup videos on his YouTube channel. Plus, he is kind of MIA from the past five months.

The very talented Jozea has appeared on multiple shows on MTV.  Moreover, he also made an appearance in Big Brother 2018 (as a guest participant). He is a very good singer. Who surely knows how to shake and move them s*xy h*ps. If you fast forward the official video of Jozea’s song “Metele” to 1:30, you will clearly see what I am talking about.

So, he kept on saying the word ‘Metele’ in his song so I had to google it. And the search results were rather unexpected. Google the word and you guys will find out.

“I am dropping new music in two weeks. My song is so f**king h*t. It’s going to be a hit on TikTok”.

In his recent Instagram Live, a fan asked him to make a song with James Charles to which he replied “ABSOLUTELY NOT”.

Our guy here has been occupied himself in doing some naughty things. You can get a clear hint from his recent Instagram posts.

Jozea Has An OnlyFans

Yes, no joke. Jozea is a proud holder of a popular OnlyFans account. Many people are wondering if Jeffree Star is going to be in one of his upcoming videos. He is posting rather sultry pictures of himself on social media which were taken in Jeffree’s house.

But we shall have to wait and see. Jozea doesn’t hesitate to show off his flawless body, but he is clearly hesitating in talking about Jeffree Star.

Are they two just friends? Or are they more? I guess we will have to wait for a few more days to actually find out what this whole ‘OnlyFans’ thing is about.

Jeffree Star Fans Are Taking A Hit At Jozea’s Instagram

Some of the fans are enthusiastic about their favorite influencer. While others clearly have a very different perspective. They were viciously attacking Jozea on his Instagram live and kept asking him what he was doing at Jeffree’s house. Well, everybody should mind their own business. But a lot of influencers have opened up about their whole lives to the public.

So, it kind of explains why fans were asking personal questions and making ugly remarks.

Jozea- (1)
Jozea’s Instagram

“You tell us to mind our business but you were taking IG stories from Jeffree’s house” .

Jozea-2 (2)
Jozea’s Instagram

” If you go live after you post pics you know people going to be curious silly”.

Jozea’s Instagram

“Did Jeffree make you sign an NDA” ?

Jozea was calmly telling everyone to simply ‘mind their own f*cking business’.

“This world would be so much better if you mind your own f**king business. Because 9/10 times you are wrong about the assumptions you are making. “

Jeffree’s new Instagram post has fanned the flames of fire. You can see how he is touching his behind and the caption ” I’m ready for summer & a thr**some ” is making fans all sort of anxious. They want Jeffree to make an OnlyFans with Jozea. Let’s just hope that they post a video real soon. And if it is going to be a thr**some, then who is going to be the third person?

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