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Vanessa Bryant Says Kobe Bryant’s Death Cost Family Millions Of Dollars

In fact, hundreds of millions of dollars.

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The world felt the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant deep in their hearts. However, the took it took on his family is something very few people can relate to. But, it turns out that the damages were not just sentimental, but financial as well. Documents have revealed that Vanessa Bryant has claimed that Kobe Bryant’s death has cost the family “hundreds of millions” of dollars!

Vanessa Bryant’s goes haven’t ended yet

It was already difficult for Vanessa Bryant to lose her husband and her daughter in a horrific helicopter crash. But, it looks like her woes are far from over.

It was previously reported that Vanessa Bryant filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Island Express helicopters in Los Angeles Superior Court back in February. She claimed that Island Express and the late pilot, Ara George Zobayan, had a “duty to use that degree of care that an ordinarily careful and prudent pilot would use under the same or similar circumstances.”

However, documents also show that Vanessa Bryant is seeking damages for her husband and daughter’s death. The document said that Vanessa “seeks economic damages, non-economic damages, prejudgment interest, punitive damages, and other relief as the Court deems just and proper.”

The papers also mentioned the financial value of the huge loss suffered by the Bryants. The documents said:

“Although the total specific amount of personal injury damages that Plaintiff seeks is TBD, Kobe Bryant’s future lost earnings equals hundreds of millions of dollars.”

All these claims were based on claims by Vanessa that the pilot was heavily responsible for the crash.

The pilot’s mistakes

In the wrongful death lawsuit, the pilot is accused of a lot of mistakes that led to the crash. The lawsuit held him responsible for not monitoring the weather, cloud condition, or maintaining control in flight, or maintaining a safe distance from obstacles. As a result, he didn’t safely operate the helicopter. And that resulted in the death of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant. However, Island Express declined to respond to these claims, saying:

This was a tragic accident. We will have no comment on the pending litigation.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant were two of the 9 victims to die in a helicopter crash in California on January 26th, 2020. It’s been almost 6 months, but it’s very hard for Vanessa Bryant to move forward from this tragedy. Even if she wins this lawsuit, it won’t ever replace her husband and daughter for her. Kobe Bryant and Gianna are worth much more than hundreds of millions of dollars for her.

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