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Katie Leung’s Perfect Response to J.K. Rowling’s Transphobic Tweets

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Recently, Harry Potter fans were angered when J. K. Rowling made transphobic comments on Twitter. In the wake of this incident, one of the stars of Harry Potter movies, Katie Leung has responded.

In a tweet, J. K. Rowling expressed anti-trans sentiments which did not sit well with many people.

Although she is one of the most popular authors of the most-loved books, she has made inappropriate comments many times. However, her recent comments have been direct and attacking of the trans community. In a tweet, J. K. Rowling shared an article which discussed a better world for people who menstruate. She commented:

‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?

This led to an uproar and J. K. Rowling received a lot of backlashes. From her Twitter followers to Harry Potter actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Katie Leung as well as other celebrities, all came after her.

After her controversial comments, Katie Leung responded.

In the Harry Potter films, Katie Leung played Cho Chang, who is a Ravenclaw and a Seeker for their Quidditch team. Her character also becomes Harry Potter’s first love interest. After J. K. Rowling’s transphobic tweets, Kate Leung responded in an epic way. Instead of commenting or mentioning the author, she wrote:

So, you want my thoughts on Cho Chang? Okay, here goes…(thread)

Under this thread, she posted links to charities and organizations supporting Black trans women and the Black LGBTQ+ community, including UK Black Pride. In the end, she put a hashtag which said, Asians for Black Lives. Katie Leung’s response gathered a lot of praise from her Twitter followers. While some hailed her queen, others appreciated her support.

This incident shows that no matter how good you are at your job, it does not make you immune to criticism if you make such comments.

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