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Jameela Jamil expose of L’Oreal’s racist and transphobic move has a happy ending

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The world changed when George Floyd was brutally killed by Derek Chauvin, a cop. Now, as Hollywood and the entire world demands justice for his death, there are protests happening everywhere. There is now a momentous movement happening where everyone is calling out racist moves by prominent companies and celebrities. Jameela Jamil is at the forefront and is not hesitating to expose the wrong actions of beauty companies. That is something that we have seen before as well. But this time, she is exposing L’Oreal’s racist as well as a transphobic move they did a while ago. Let’s delve deeper into the topic.

Big companies have a responsibility

Coincidentally pride month is happening right now alongside huge Black Lives Matter movement. Hence, people are highlighting trans black lives especially because they face a significant amount of violence and discrimination. Jameela Jamil focuses our attention on how big brands profit off people in society that have often been excluded:

It is a time when brands can profit from their use of marginalized people in their campaigns. Just watch how many big brands are going to use black people in their advertising for next year. As an act of solidarity. As if the sudden inclusion of marginalized people is a sponge to erase the history of their exclusionary and racist former practice and value system. But will they pay them properly? Will they protect them? Will they acknowledge that in giving someone a big platform, they are also exposing them to bigots and need to practice social media training, protection, and general duty of care?

How L’Oreal Uk’s didn’t do right by trans black model Munroe

Jameela Jamil was talking about how big companies are going to market the idea of their solidarity but not actually do the work that matters. That’s worth noting because many people are keener on posting “#BlackLivesMatter” selfies on social media pretending to be out there protesting.

Hence, Jameela Jamil highlights how important it is to carter to these issues carefully. She talks about how Munroe, the trans black model, was paid only 2.5 thousand pounds for just one year deal with them. L’Oreal UK used Munroe in its marketing and advertising to paint this image of L’Oreal as a woke company. However, once Munroe started voicing her opinions on the prevalent racism in every facet of our human society, things took a turn. L’Oreal UK ended up dropping her from their company:

They hired her AS a strong trans activist, and received SO much praise and press over their revolutionary inclusion of a black trans woman, but when she spoke about systemic racism from white people and the system of oppression they benefit from, with little hesitation @lorealuki publicly punished her by dropping her. They left her to fend for herself for doing the exact thing they claim to encourage us to do. Speaking out.
This week they’ve been called out for hypocrisy due to speaking out on racism and raising money for black people.

Moreover, Jameela Jamil shares how it is up to the companies to make actual and considerable change happen by focusing on accountability and action. When the white audience didn’t feel comfortable with Munroe opening up about her difficult life as a Black trans model, they fired her. This really is a great example of white privilege and white supremacy. A rightwing British tabloid called Munroe Bergdorf’s comments as against the ‘diversity and tolerant towards all people irrespective of their race, gender and religion’.

L’Oreal’s problematic initial response to complaints made by the Black and queer communities

When the black and queer audience started objecting to their past racist and transphobic actions, the only initial response they had was restricting comments on social media. Jameela Jamil ends her message aptly stating:

Silence is violence.

We need to protect young marginalized people from being used as props, exploited, and hurt by big companies trying to look woke.

Jameela Jamil’s expose of L’Oreal UK’s problematic action favoring white supremacy was applauded by many in the comments section:

Thank you for this enlightenment!! L’Oreal is off my list of products I’ll purchase.

However, model Munroe Bergdorf is now joining L’Oreal UK Diversity Board

In a turn of events, model Munroe Bergdorf, who was fired is now actually brought back to L’Oreal UK. This time she will be serving on the L’Oreal UK Diversity Board. This happened after she herself called out L’oreal UK when they spoke up against the brutal murder of George Floyd’s death:


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L’Oréal Paris stands in solidarity with the Black community, and against injustice of any kind. We are making a commitment to the @naacp to support progress in the fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter

A post shared by L’Oréal Paris Official (@lorealparis) on

Munroe Bergdorf didn’t hesitate to point out the hypocrisy by the cosmetics company, L’Oreal UK. In a passionate social media post, she was quick to point out how she was wrongly treated by the mega-corporation:

Excuse my language but I am SO angry. F**K YOU @lorealparis. You dropped me from a campaign in 2017 and threw me to the wolves for speaking out about racism and white supremacy.

With no duty of care, without a second thought. I had to fend for myself being torn apart by the world’s press because YOU didn’t want to talk about racism. You even tried to get me to incriminate myself with pairing me up with your shady lawyers when I had done NOTHING wrong. THAT is what you get for ‘speaking out’ when employed by @lorealparis. Racist snakes.

You do NOT get to do this. This is NOT okay, not even in the slightest.

Her anger is justified because they did not give out any support to her when racist groups and newspapers were rallying up against her.

Company’s new president Delphine Viguier made the step to reconciliation

In an official statement by Munroe Bergdorf, she shared that she is now going to be working alongside the company in order to ensure it is more inclusive and diverse. It came after Delphine, the new president of L’Oreal UK, reached out to Munroe:

“We had an open and constructive conversation, she listened to what I had to say and expressed her regret for how the situation was handled three years ago. I believe in accountability and progress, not cancellation and grudges. While what happened 3 years ago was extremely traumatic for me personally and professionally, sitting on a board to provide a voice and a champion for black, trans and queer voices in the beauty industry is important to me.It feels good to finally have closure on this matter and I look forward to new beginnings with the L’Oreal team.”

This isn’t the only thing L’Oreal is doing with their company. They are going to be making donations to prominent charities that are funding transgender youth and the people of Latin American, Caribbean, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern descent.

Jameela Jamil applauds how things went about

The actress is never one to not follow up on her exposing the problematic companies. Once she found out about L’Oreal’s new decision of being more inclusive, she shared happily that demanding justice is something that is never pointless. Jameela also in fact shares that she had a hand in making the positive change come about:

With Munroe’s consent, I personally reached out to the bosses at L’Oreal to try to create a bridge between them and Munroe. The new team there are a diverse group of strong women looking to make true change.

I was really happy to see them come together and to watch Munroe speak so bluntly, beautifully and powerfully,. They just listened and listened, were accountable, and most importantly they asked HER what SHE thought was appropriate action to instigate real change.

Furthermore, The Good Place actress shared that this is what happens when women stick together and work towards collective empowerment. This is certainly an example of great news happening and one which will warm our hearts for a long time.

Hope for the future is imminent

This goes to show that we shouldn’t ever give up in the fight for equality, justice, and fairness. Jameela herself shares that she is proud of the company for doing the right thing:

It has given me a lot of hope in my work to see this step in the right direction. All of these giant brands have more work to do to serve all human beings, all animals, and the environment, and we must continue to push them hard to do so. But we must also recognize that change takes time and that people can evolve, and therefore so can the companies that they work for. I commend @lorealparis for doing the right thing and ACTUALLY taking this step forward responsibly.

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