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Jennifer Aniston Donates $ 1 Million To Fight Racial Injustice

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Star from the world-famous and favorite sitcom FRIENDS, Jennifer Aniston, has donated a hefty sum to the organizations fighting for racial injustice. She donated $ 1 million “to the charity she felt resonated with her the most.” This statement further added that Aniston was deeply moved after the tragic murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, by the hands of the Minneapolis police. Hence, the 51-year-old star decided to donate the large sum to Color of Change, a nonprofit civil rights advocacy group. They are also considered the nation’s largest racial justice organization.

Jennifer Aniston Is Deeply Affected By Current Situation

According to a source speaking to Daily Mirror UK, the current situation in the United States have deeply affected Jennifer Aniston. She is seeing how the terrible injustice people of color face in America and how there are no consequences.

“She wanted to sher support, and has donated a big sum to the charity she felt resonated with the most. The links i on her Instagram page so her fans can also donate.”

Jennifer Aniston’s donation comes after thousands of people have started to riot and protest on the streets across the United States. From Breonna Taylor to George Floyd, people remember the victims of police brutality, deaths which were easily avoidable. Calling for a revolution in the system, protestors held up the famous banner “Black Lives Matter”, which was trending on all social media platforms and on the streets, in the form of placards and banners.

For Aniston, she also had a few words to say about racial injustice:

“This week has been heartbreaking for so many reasons. We need to acknowledge that the racism and brutality in this country has been going on for a long time – and it’s NEVER been okay. As allies, who want equality and peace, it’s our responsibility to make noise, to demand justice, to educate ourselves on these issues, and more than anything, to spread love.”

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