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The Good Place 3 Is In A Very Good Place

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Does TV even deserve The Good Place? Because when I look around, I do not find any Emmy nominations for the show’s 2 marvelous seasons or its brilliant troupe of lead actors. I mean, yes Ted Danson was finally granted a grace nomination after 25 long years in the genre, but it wasn’t like he was even considered for the award. Presumably, this is what you get for talking moral and ethics after the catastrophic 2016 elections. Regardless of how dispiriting the atmosphere may be, the illustrious NBC afterlife comedy has premiered another season which is just as splendid as its previous counterparts.

Beauty of this Season

The beauty of this third case scenario is perhaps in the fact that it levels between both, the heavenly abode and the real world. The mere representation of simultaneous procedures is just as surreal as anything can get, yet so exciting that we crave for some kind of philosophical interaction between the characters of the two worlds in practically every scene. Now that the recovering devil Michael has salvaged the gang of four from their imminent dreaded fate, they have been recast in what supposedly seems the ‘real’ world as experimental hamsters.


Now the problem arises that though they tend to act better than before following the close shave with death, the gang reverts back to its old antics soon. Michael figures that the only possible way to get them to act ethically is to get them in the company each other. We have seen the drastically different people from various walks of the world get along in the hell cum heavens, and this is narratively necessary to the flow right.

To save his friends from going astray Michael is forced to constantly visit the world. And this is something that greatly disrupts the timeline balance, leading to several undesirable consequences. Judge Gen has Michael under fire for Byron Allen owning The Weather Channel now. And, only a show this gutsy like The Good Place can have the audacity to satirize Allen’s business decisions.

The Good Place loses its reputation for its rebooting activity. Season 2 premiere could not exactly give the message of what was to lie ahead after the central reboot, pushing away some eyeballs. But this time the plugging on and off has only changed things for the better. Eleanor (Kristen Bell) exhibits a strange sense of emotions that we are seeing for the first time; she is insecure, in love and everything, not Eleanor. Janet (D’Arcy Carden, a joy in her depiction of robot genius, too longs for her love in a secretive manner. These newly infused emotions are so profound and heartfelt that they literally make our hearts cry. Everyone on the show has indeed grown to be more splendid than ever.

A lot of Pop Cultural References

This season has jokes that involve BuzzFeed Kim Kardashian quizzes, Spider-Man, Ted Danson wearing an array of ridiculous disguises, dank memes, a fourth Hemsworth brother named Larry, and, of course, Jason’s beloved Jacksonville Jaguars. Everything is so pleasantly well kept that our eyes simply get glued to the screen.

I genuinely look ahead to the whiplash that will undoubtedly set in as it careens around on another edge. Not only does this kindle many thoughts and ideas, this highly intellectual series, But It is also the one show that will keep suggesting and inquiring repeatedly. What it takes to be a responsible denizen, which is something we are forced to ponder over regularly as we get exposed to the harsh realities occurring every day. It is both, a chapter on the morals of life and a light-hearted entertainment that come exactly in an era where the world is in dire need of both.

So now, where is the season 3 of The Good Place going?

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