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Tan France Discusses Queer Eye Cop Episode and Show Moving to Philadelphia

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With the protests and riots going on, the situation is getting tense with every passing day. However, there is a small glimmer of happiness with the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix. Recently, Tan France talked about the show moving to Philadelphia and the infamous cop episode from season 1.


After four successful seasons in Atlanta, Queer Eye has moved to Philadelphia.

From the small town of Georgia and Atlanta, Queer Eye is moving up and about in a big city, Philadelphia. While Fab Five is well-known and loved in Atlanta, it is time for them to give a makeover to city people. While talking about their big move, Tan France, the fashion guru on the show, said:

Seasons 1, 2 and 3 were different beasts because we were going to places that were known to be very hospitable. But with larger cities, more built-up cities, they don’t have as much time for the little niceties that we may be used to in these smaller towns, so they’re a tougher audience.


Tan France also admitted that it was a bit hard for the city people to open up to the Fab Five. While people from small-town are more hospitable, people from Philadelphia took more work and new strategies. He also said:

The casting department also tried to find some heroes who aren’t as familiar with our liberal way of life. It makes for a more interesting show when we are actually breaking down barriers.


In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and police brutality, Tan France talked about the cop episode from season 1.

In the first season of Queer Eye, Cory, a cop from Winder, Georgia, was nominated. During the episode, Karamo had an intense and open conversation with him about Black Lives Matter and police brutality. Instantly, the episode became popular among people. Once again, the episode is relevant and needs to be highlighted. Tan France shared his opinion about the episode and today’s situation and said:

We are an extension of the show, I guess, and the show is an extension of us. We don’t shy away from those conversations in our immediate lives and on social media too. As a person of color, I’ve dealt with racism my whole life also, so it’s a topic that I am very sensitive to. I am very proud of the fact that I’m on a show where we discuss racism and we encourage those conversations to hopefully start to educate people on what impact that has.


Indeed, Queer Eye is one of the most diverse, honest, and open shows. It sheds light on the topics which are not easy to talk about. However, Tan France and others have a way of starting these conversations.

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